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But let me brag on my child, when he was 9 months old I changed one poopy diaper.

Our friends had a girl, who they started a few weeks after birth, and we looked at our little newborn and decided it just wasn’t going to work the same for a boy. Potty training a boy is different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it as an infant and do it just as early as a girl!You can do it earlier if you’re comfortable, but this worked really well for us to have him sit on the toilet instead of just hover over. One night there was a lot of constipation and we just knew he was so uncomfortable.Jacob remarked that maybe a squatting position would help.However, out of our own ignorance and not planning to make it a part of parenting originally, we ended up starting a few months later.When:Â I’d recommend when they can hold their head up.I guess I thought it was a little more common than it is, and it’s such a cool concept that when I first heard of it I was in awe too, and how could any parent in the thwarts of diaper changes not have their eyebrow raise and ear perk up when they hear there’s a theory that may involve cutting out diaper changes?

When to start potty training is a huge question on the mind of many parents, and I’m here to tell you today that starting potty training at only a few months old is a real thing and very doable!

Sometimes I just can’t get the diaper off fast enough. We never fully mastered peeing in the toilet, so we often have one to change each day.

But for the most part, it’s a regular occurrence at least for when they poop. I’m serious on that, instead of going through 4-5 we go through 1-2 on good days.

What:Â Infant Potty Training: the practice of having an infant use a toilet to relieve him/herself and feeling comfortable with toilet use at a very young age.

It includes a communication between the baby and the parent to understand when the baby is ready to go, and the parent uses that communication to hold the infant over the toilet and eliminate the use of a diaper.

I also feel the need to state that yes this is real, and yes it actually does work for many children!