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Funny dating blogs for women

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Founded by Katy Horwood, a freelance writer who contributes for the Metro and Huffington Post, All Sweetness and Life gives readers advice on what to do and what not to do when dating.

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Her self-help style blog includes a weekly podcast, ‘The Baggage Reclaim Sessions’.As well as founding the UK’s first dating photography business, Saskia Nelson also runs Hey Saturday – a blog aimed at providing singles with dating advice.Staying true to the theme of brilliant photography, Hey Saturday uses images captured by her team of talented photographers to bring posts to life, while also stressing that appearance says a lot when it comes to online dating and finding someone you’re genuinely attracted to.Targeted at both men and women, James Preece is a dating coach and expert who provides singles with useful advice on how they can master dating and confidence.Offering ‘how to’ tips on what men and women want from a relationship, and touching on various topics such as ‘how to tell if someone is flirting with you’, James aims to help readers turn their date into a relationship.Why Science of Relationships is a Top Dating Blog: Most authors on this site hold Ph.

D.'s, so you can rest assured you're getting smart insight when you visit the blog.

From giving readers relationship advice in the digital age, to recommending the best sex toys, Naomi Narrative is an essential dating guide for single females.

Paul Thomas Bell (PTB) is written from a male perspective, which aims to give readers total honestly about dating, sex and relationships.

Simply Oloni also runs ‘LAID BARE’, an interactive debate for opinionated and ‘sex positive’ readers to join and debate some of the questions Oloni receives.

All Sweetness and Life takes an open and honest approach, presenting readers with realistic conversations around dating, sex and relationships.

Jordi Sinclair created his blog Thirty Something London after experiencing a breakup.