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Ghana xlove free dating single site

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Its actually insulting to a person with half a brain to not know you are being taken.

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I had a chat with a woman not far from my hometown, I am pretty sure she was real. Oh, and worse yet, when you find you are just talking to paid schills, they then tell you to join an affiliated site that has even more and better members, lmao! Like the app & how easy everythin is 2 use but tbh I can get the same on so dont see why I should change.Then when you do it just says link to my profile instead of saying they want to meet etc. Dont be gullable, i mean how do you get 200 plus texts in a day from different people. The sales rep tries very forecefly to sign you up to an alternative site which you cannot leave without another phone call. 90% of the profiles are professional Cam's all a racket.I believe there are "some" real people on there But the site is so over run with scam artist from Russia, Africa, India and webcam people good luck finding them.Males have to pay to use this site, as females don't have too.If I was him...married..& got caught out of course a "scam" would be my defense too. I live a bit off the beaten track and the only NSA sex site id found til now that gives me a shot at banging real horny birds was Hookup Hangout. Thats a lie since I still have them charging me when I canceled just after 2 days. Everyone using a site like Benaughty should be aware of the fact that there will be more men than women. I have been using both sites with pretty good results but only for one reason: I was patient!

Ill be using both sites religeously from this point, bring on the p*ssy! Don't expect to get laid with 2-3 days and you won't get disappointed. That will make the difference This is a totall scam and if you read any of the guys who are giving this site a 3 to 5 stars notice how they are always pitching another dating site!

So after we started talking so we want to hook up but she kept sending me links that every time I had to say is free they can ask him for a credit card or my debit card number and she told me they wouldn't charge me but it did and now it charge me $39 twice on the same day.

My bank company had send me an email saying that my card was deactivate because unusual activity.

Benaughty has been around for as long as I can remember. Coincidence, I think not just like the people who run this scam they are also writting bogis reviews to try and pray on the desperate to get you again.

In my opinion the male-woman ratio may not be as good as on Casualdating4u or Casual Sex Only but it works if you know what you are doing. Remeber guys this site is run by a company who runs multiple sites.

Some fake profiles but you wil have to deal with them on any other site too. Remember this if it sounds to good to be true most likely its not. I am still fighting with these guys to quite charging my card and i have talked to customer service 4 times and they refuse to stop the reacurring payments. Funny how everyone asks the same question what movie would you take me to the $#*!