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All the radar detectors mentioned below come with the latest technology and offer a wide range of features while saving you from the speeding tickets.Escort Max 360 is a very capable radar detector that offers too many features.

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Bar none, It is the best low budget radar detectors.Valentine One radar detector offers dual antenna i.e., a front and a rear facing radar antenna that provides directional arrows pointing towards the direction from which the radar threat source is appearing. It also indicates the number of radar threats also known as ‘bogeys’ detected via its directional arrow alert, making it unique amongst all other radar detectors.Valentine One has dependable and simple to use set of controls with an amazing, basic and simple user interface.It will alert you of all the motion detectors, automatic door openers and various other false threats that come along your way.But the voice alert system has various amazing settings that will prevent you from getting annoyed by the frequent false alerts.It also comes with a pre-installed defender database that includes alerts about innumerable red-light and speed cameras.

It also alerts you about over-speed; it helps you in being under the posted speed limit. Another drawback being, the arrows which are very slow in transition.

Find our Best Radar Detector Reviews, comparison charts and buying guides Nowadays Radar Detectors have become very important as they are the only source of saving you from the expensive speeding tickets.

Radar detectors are something that you should have and utilise not only to save yourself from speeding tickets but also keep yourself safe from unforeseen incidents.

It comes packed with all the brilliant features likes the ability to detect high range radars, GPS that can detect speed camera, red lights and speed traps, adjustable OLED display and voice alerts.

If you are here on this page reading this article looking for a Radar Detector then no matter what you would be able to afford at least this product if you looking for something cheap AF. Not only are there different models but too many manufacturers as well.

It is best when going on a long-distance trip or high-speed driving trip.