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The cameras are working as intended and are easy to use.


There had been some break-ins in recent weeks in our neighborhood.I know that I made the right choice in going with your company, and I'm really psyched to get the camera!I think you're in California also, so I'm hoping that I'll get it this week or by the weekend." Thanks again!We had some activity going on and needed to monitor the situation. It is so nice to call a company and be able to talk with a real person and not get an automated service. We are using the computer to review our files and find the KMP player compatible with Camballs files. Also is there anyway to zoom in on a face or person in a picture as 2 other people are utilizing our property when we are not around and are unable to see them clearly d/t distance. We can not be more pleased with the little device as this guy is weird and confirmed all along what he is up to!! Thank you for the fast shipping time as well as the excellent customer service! Harris Tacoma, WA "I am a private investigator, and when I was first starting out, I was looking for good quality spy gear to meet my budget." "We ordered an IR Video Watch and a Video/ Audio Bluetooth from your company. The quality of video, low light situations, clear audio … Your staff and team were helpful and insightful in helping choose exactly what I needed and what would do what I needed it to do in the right situations. I plan on doing business with you guys in the future! I found Eye Spy early 2010, and started ordering Passive GPS Loggers, which save me a ton of time and money since I no longer have to perform actual surveillance on a suspect.Thank you again for all of your help and for your knowledge of your equipment you sell. The person who I caught and put on the street 4 months ago when you sent me the lamp back, filed a criminal report against me at the court here. I can see where someone goes, at what speed, and how long they stayed there, which helps me gather the evidence I need.

Some places have no idea what their gear can or will do, your staff is spot on with what their gear can do and produce. He tried to say I stole from him and he said I robbed him of a laptop and 500 dollars. As my firm grew, I started ordering more and more sophisticated spy gear from Eye Spy Pro, like spy cameras or covert audio recorders that was always high quality, and did the job they said it would.

I own a video production company in New York so I have an eye for quality and the mini pen cams, watches and camsticks produce incredible results in a package that can easily be concealed. Anonymous, MN "We purchased the Camball from you and have been monitoring our lake cabin.

I will continue to buy from Eyespy as I have come to expect outstanding products backed by oustanding personal service" Recently, we purchased the Camball sg-31 to monitor our summer cabin. We also purchased the survillance pack and we did not have to worry about the battery running down on the Camball. Chris was always available and easy to reach both before and after the purchase. as we believe a nasty neighbor was trespassing on our property when we were not around. The Camball caught him, driving his van, bold as you please around our U shaped driveway!! We burned it to a DVD, however, the DVD does not play in our DVD player. I want to press charges against this guy with the proof.

It'll be a few weeks before it's installed but just had to say thanks for a trouble free transaction.

Also big thanks for shipping it without incurring import duties for me! Anyway I'll probably be buying some more cameras in the future as ours are getting old so I'll be in touch." Ben Dawson Golden Eggs Palmyra Australia "That camera is possibly the best purchase I’ve ever made (I’m having ex-wife problems). The new one I got from Best Buy works fine as dones the new SDcard. Its a great thing to have in a Dodge Charger." Steve H.

We standardised on HIK so all sites can be accessed within the same software app. This order is to setup new cameras at a remote site where young chicks are raised, plus add a few cameras at another site where they lay eggs.