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Gretchen and slade still dating 2016

Gretchen & Slade would not be getting married anytime soon..We have covered the great adventures of Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley since the couple was fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County.. Let’s get to the latest adventures of Gretchen & Slade.. Despite Gretchen Rossi, promoting her wedding well over a year ago and their whole reason for appearing on Marriage Boot Camp along with Gretchen tweeting away as she scouted different locations and even got a shout out from Wet Paint; While the couple isn’t expecting a baby (yet! Now that they have been together for over five years, it’s about time for Gretch and Slade to tie the knot — and it looks like they’re already scouting out locales for the big day!

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"The more I tried to prove them wrong, the bigger ass I looked like.We can't even believe that this brave young kid has spent half his life struggling against this illness. Here’s what the blonde housewife had to say: Tags: gretchen rossi, pregnancy, real housewives, real housewives of orange county, slade smiley , Gretchen Rossi stopped by the Playboy Morning Show with her hubby, Slade Smiley to share a brand new song about Slade's slong. Okay, we know this is supposed to be a joke or whatever, but did it really need to be this awful?! Tags: ambien, gretchen rossi, orange county, penis, playboy, real housewives, slade smiley .But obviously, he's made of some stronger stuff than the average person, and we commend him for valiantly refusing to give up hope and being so brave! Related: Corey Feldman Names One Of His Sexual Abusers This shocking revelation comes thanks to one of Haim's longtime friends, actor Dominick Brascia.Gretchen cannot wait to be Slade’s wife and, when the time is right, they will have their huge lavish wedding,” the insider said.“This is what they both want.” They will know next month whether or not the vasectomy reversal was effective.No worries, it will be a Reality TV star studded event according to Rossi when the wedding happens.

Update: Gretchen’s tattoo very well could say “Jeff” now, however, it did say “Jay” before.

The first stop on the wedding venue hunt was The Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

Gretchen has raved about the service and grounds at the estate, so this seems like it could be a great spot!

RELATED: See How Gorgeous Gretchen Rossi Looks Without Makeup (Photo Credit: Getty Images) “Everything that could have gone right with the procedure did! “From everything that I can see I should be able to conceive naturally.

I have been eating very specifically and taking my prenatal vitamins.

The "Real Housewives of Orange County" drama is still far from over!