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Haitian women dating white men

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Doesn't really mean anything I suppose, but it is a sign of a beautifully crafted product, well worth having.It is a bit soapy vetiver, less green and earthy, but it doesn't bother me at all. Original Vetiver is barely anything at the level of muglier cologne While not my favorite Creed even and certainly has room for improvement the sparkling, natural and fresh citruses totally embarrasses it's designer brethen, you have sparkling lemony bitter orange, mixed with some sweeter orange and dash of fresh cut grass at the opening that is both invigorating and refreshing.

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Vetiver fragrances traditionally derive their scent from the root of the plant.It dries down into a refined soapy scent but definitely not worth the price tag as you can find Mugler Cologne at a reduced cost and that one smells aprox. In fact, neither smell like vetiver yet both have a neroli underpinning, both last about two hours, both become a skin scent that lasts all day.It takes brass balls to rip someone off so entirely and sell the result for 10 times the price.I agree with Aiona it has lemongrass fragrance and lemongrass remind me of summer. In my opinion this is purely spring day and hot summer fragrance and it will perform better when there will be heat. I love vetiver fragrances, from the clean and green to the dark and dirties, and everything in between.The start notes won't last longer and then you will simply smell vetiver. Original Vetiver is, by far, my favorite fresh vetiver perfume that I find wonderfully refreshing, clean, yet a subtly sophisticated scent that's wrapped in that Creed ambergris DNA.Although I would choose aventus for more special occasions, OV is definitely my morning go to everyday grab. Exactly how long did it take to transition this first realization to that of deciding to make a full on clone and call it "Original" Vetiver?

Living in Texas comes with mostly hot days throughout the year, so having a colognes that smells like a clean, masculine, inoffensive bar of soap definitely comes in handy. The vetiver is clean and herbal, not the dirty, woody one that you find in Encre Noire for example. What must old man Creed have felt when he first smelled Mugler Cologne? Though it does not smell like vetiver it does smell 99% like Mugler Cologne.

The top notes consist of ginger, mandarin and bergamot. Original Vetiver was created by Olivier Creed Sixth Generation and Erwin Creed Seventh Generation.

Middle notes incorporate vetiver from Haiti, Mysore sandalwood and Florentine Iris. Got some of this juice and I've only worn it once, but during the dry down it reminds me SO MUCH of Voyage d'Hermes. I don't see anyone mentioning Voyage d'Hermes as a scent that is similar to this. I haven't worn Voyage d'Hermes in quite a bit of time but from my memory it smells quite close.

Projection and longevity are very good on my skin in that it lasts a solid 6-7 hours and projects moderately.

Overall, I find Original Vetiver to be a leader when it comes to fresh Vetiver fragrances...however, it's pricey and I find Mugler Cologne to be a highly suitable alternative for those not wishing to pay $$$ for a fresh fragrance.

I love the soapiness in this fragrance, certainly a unique vetiver.