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The process makes Wade look like a full-body burn victim, and he's ashamed to bring his new look to Vanessa.(In the words of his best friend Weasel—played by Cloverfield's T. Miller—he looks "like Freddy Krueger face-fucked a topographical map of Utah.") Hoping for a cure for his cure, Wade dons a costume and the Deadpool name and goes looking for Ajax.

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And Reese and Wernick create the best possible context: a world where all the significant players are equally flippant, and equally thick-skinned.Dozens of anonymous gunmen stand in the way, but Deadpool has a new secret weapon: his freshly activated, Wolverine-esque super-healing power.The ability doesn't fix his full-body scarring, but does make him unkillable and lackadaisical about pain and grievous bodily harm — both the kind done to him, and the kind he forces on other people.] The latest Marvel superhero movie, Deadpool, helpfully sets the bar during its opening minutes, when its wisecracking eponymous protagonist compares an unpleasant taste to "two hobos fucking in a shoe full of piss." It's a clear statement of intent for anyone who missed the film's popular, profanity-packed red-band trailers: This is an R-rated superhero movie, and the filmmakers are out to earn the rating as thoroughly and colorfully as possible.In the opening firefight, Deadpool takes a bullet square in the rectum: "Ugh, right up Main Street," he groans.Miller stages their fights creatively, and with a crisp, precise readability that makes every blow meaningful.

This isn't Reynolds' first superhero role — as the star of the notoriously awful 2011 flop Green Lantern, he mostly had to keep an earnest face and project lonely nobility.

Most notably, after his transformation from mercenary to mutant, he didn't have a mouth.

The fluctuating history and personality is nothing new for the character, but there is a stark contrast between his mute glower in his other big-screen incarnation, and his nonstop chatter in this one. Unlike most heroes, he'd rather grouse about it — usually in an aside to the audience — than brood over it.

This is pretty much the entire plot of the movie: Angry, unstoppable dude wants revenge, and kills everyone who gets in his way.

It's Mad Max without the desert, or John Wick without the puppy.

But Reese and Wernick blunt the impact by making sure their primary characters don't have weak spots.