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Users can just click a few buttons and communicate around the world with other conference participants. Instruct all participants of the multiple-person video conference to download Yahoo! There is a download link on the Messenger home page. accounts can use that account's username and password. Instruct the participants to add everyone's username to their Messenger friends list.

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Anyone with a computer and Internet access can download this software and use it to communicate with other Messenger users by voice, video and chat.Webcam Users Users with a TV set icon next to their screenname indicate they have a live webcam connected.Webcams require permission to view on Yahoo Chat rooms.9.Click this link to learn more about the Yahoo Chat rules which guide users' activities and actions.3.Go to Room Once you have chosen your Yahoo chat room, click on its title with your cursor and click the "Go to Room" button to enter your Yahoo chat.4.Instruct all participants to be at a computer with a webcam and audio.

Those without a webcam or even audio can still participate, but they may only use text chat to communicate. Click on "Actions" and "Invite to Conference" in Yahoo! You can then invite members on your friends list to join the conference and select whether to allow voice chat for this call. He has been writing articles on law and a variety of other topics since 2004.

Actions From the actions menu, Yahoo Chat Rooms users can locate a number of exciting features to share and connect with other Yahoo Chat users, including:3.

Chat Room This panel is where the action happens; any message sent into Yahoo Chat will appear here.4.

Chat Room Aliases Want to protect your identity while using Yahoo Chat Rooms?

Users can create and choose aliases when using Yahoo Chat from your Messenger account settings.

Chat Rooms Panel From this menu, users can navigate between the different unique Yahoo chat rooms for each category.5.