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Several journalists who work at offices in the Elphinstone-Lower Parel area had also tweeted in the past tagging the then Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu reminding him of the need to widen the footbridge.While me, @rajtoday, @Santosh_Andhale & @Kailash Babar ET kept on yelling yabout a disaster awaiting at Parel bridge, 3-died in stampede today CD6Ng S — Varun Singh (@singhvarun) September 29, 2017 Pre-rush hour Parel station.

They have been reviewed manually by us to ensure their profiles are legit, real.To curve lovers You will meet hundreds of active big beautiful women in your city at this plus size dating app.Each day, many lovely women will update beautiful photos here and look for matches.The railways did respond to some of the tweets but in standard format which promised action.The frantic warnings were not just limited to Twitter.But Friday’s tragedy is a clear reminder of the dangers Mumbai commuters face on a daily basis as they travel to and fro to work.

According to data journalism website India Spend, more than 2.2 mn travel in peak direction on Mumbai locals between 7am & 11.30am or between 4pm & 8.30pm.

He said that despite the “adverse effects of the global slowdown”, 12 m wide new FOB connecting Western Railway and Central Railway is under their positive consideration.

While Mumbai commuters have been travelling like cattle since last several decades, an unexpected spell of rain that caused people to throng to the bridge was a perfect storm for the tragedy to unfold.

Could the horrific tragedy at Mumbai’s Elphinstone Road station have been averted?

Hours after at least 22 people died in a stampede on the overbridge connecting Elphinstone and Parel stations, several citizens took to Twitter retrieving old tweets warning the railways about a possible stampede.

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