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Interoffice dating rules

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Human resources had put out special bowls they were supposed to use, but the regular employees were the only ones who could fill them and they'd been conspicuously bad at remembering to do so.

Kirsten had been on pins and needles all day, even the pressures of her job couldn't distract her from her yearning for word of the decision that would restore her back to her old life.We're experimenting with new ways to think about business - if this new structure works we'll hire some full-time mail room people and train them accordingly, if it doesn't we'll pull the plug and say no more of it. Besides, if this goes well, we'll save millions." Then, the kicker: "This will help the company. If she missed her deadline, she'd gain one demerit for every ten seconds she was late by.Think of how that will look on your performance review.." Beep! She glanced at the screen - a direct package transfer request from Mr. Usually the deadlines were doable, but every so often they were nigh impossible.she wasn't offended, she was long past that, but she was desperate for word.Thirsty as she was, she left a portion of water for the next girl who might need it.When she name had been selected for participation, she'd been horrified and even thought of quitting.

She had a masters degree for god's sake, she didn't see how being made to deliver mail was in anyway way an asset to the company. Butler had talked her into it."It may seem silly, but there's a method to the madness.

She made a mental note to check up on that the minute she resumed her regular job duties.

Another girl entered the stairwell, heading down as Kirsten headed up.

She'd always been quite and shy, but she actually seemed to be having an easier time adjusting to the program than Kirsten.

Christina carried a black rod in her mouth, lengthwise.

Her name was Kirsten Allen, but at work she was simply "Mailroom Girl #12." Her work uniform was an armband and nothing else.