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Intimidating song lyrics

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Artists changing up their lyrics during live performances has become all the rage.

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Being a big fan of the band myself, I sang along every lyric of "Run", including "I am a human being capable of doing terrible things".He expressed this by switching up the lyrics to their single "Stressed Out" on one leg of their Emotional Roadshow journey.Over the weekend, Awolnation released a music video to their new single "Run" with an important lyric change.But there's the other side we find in beauty, positivity and love that is ultimately more powerful, so we started to change the lyric on this song during our live shows and are excited to now share a new version with you all called 'Run (Beautiful Things)'.While these small changes go unnoticed by your average listener, they sure seem to make these fans go crazy.In Durham, North Carolina, 98.7 FM plays everything.

That’s not strictly true, or even remotely true, but it is the station’s slogan.

However, when I saw them in concert this year, the lyric had changed to "I am a human being capable of doing beautiful things".

Before the change, the song had a very dark and haunting sound.

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The music video to the new song can be found here on their You Tube channel.