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Intimidating way

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Throughout most of my life, I would get comments from people, particularly men, who would tell me that I am intimidating.Now, the word "intimidating" seems a bit of a stretch for a woman like me.

Many people may find it risky; we find it reasonable for our complicated life.When we date, intimidating women tend to be independent.Intimidating women do not want to have their partner walking with them to stores at the mall or watching chick flicks. Instead, we are the other half who allows our partners or boyfriends to do whatever they want to do in their life.An intimidating woman listens to people and gives their full, undivided attention because they understand how it feels to be judged a certain way.While strangers, teachers, and even our own friends label us as women who are never happy or women who are too aggressive and scary, we do not care about that.Once people have the balls to talk to us or even say, "Hi," intimidating women start to open themselves to a certain extent.

After hanging out and getting to know people, we start to show that we are more than just our Resting B%#@$ Face.

Let's face it, with countless interactions with countless people, we are bound to have interesting stories.

This part is rare for an outsider to know because intimidating women tell stories and jokes to their friends and partners exclusively.

If we want to have children at age forty, we will plan a way with or without a guy.

A life as an intimidating woman is not a planned life on a straight line.

We would rather have a person that we can receive support than to have a guy hold our shopping bags while we debate for two hours on whether the dress make us look thin or fat.