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Is leona lewis dating simon cowel

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“It was all getting me down and the guy I was writing with suggested I put down my emotions, not in an artistic way, more like a diary.

After several years, I thought about leaving over and over again.It may have lacked the polish of her song lyrics, but it was heartfelt – alarmingly so. The emotions I’ve felt have been more powerful, in both a positive and negative way, than any time I’ve ever felt in my life,” she wrote.“At some points I felt extremely depressed and other times experienced amazing highs, but it got to a place where the downs were outweighing the ups.I have a best friend who has severe depression, who takes medication and still struggles, so I know how bad it can be.“I find it so hard to remember how it was, how I was.The 29-year-old was shown the door from Cowell’s Syco wing of Sony Music after her Christmas album Christmas, With Love only sold 100,000 copies.

The east Londoner, who at the height of her X Factor ride topped the US charts, glossed over her apparent firing by announcing she has landed herself a new record deal elsewhere.

Lewis describes herself as having “highs and lows” brought on by circumstance, not a clinical illness.

In retrospect, frustrated and anxious might have been better terms to use, but she declines (and I do mean declines) to dwell on it.

She radiates positivity and is in, dare I say it, a revisionist mood.

It’s not that she has recovered from her depression, but more a case that she now denies she was ever depressed – at least technically – in the first place.

It has caused major set backs to his schedule for the forthcoming series of Britain's Got Talent, which is currently in the auditions stage with co-stars Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon.