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I hope you enjoy these contributions as much as I have.It's now 2016 and I'm wishing I paid more attention when my mom and dad spoke of Camp Curry.

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I was less than one year old, so it had to be an impact moment for me to remember it as vividly as I do!Moments later this amazing flood of magma-looking, burning hot, red-orange embers spilled over the top, and down the face of Glacier Peak! One that I will enjoy telling my children all about when we visit there soon.[Editor] The only information I've seen in print is a press release published by the National Park Service which read as follows: "The Firefall, a fancy of James Mc Cauley’s that caught on, and was popular for almost a hundred years, died Thursday, January 25, 1968 in a blazing farewell. Hardly any congestion at all." Having said that, accuracy is important to me to.They took those ashes and drove cross country to Yosemite.They arrived at Yosemite and stood at the top of the cliff where the fire fall start and explained their mission to the Park Service employee on duty.From 1965 until the very last time that the fires fell (1968 seems right) I remember hearing the back and forth calls from the campgrounds to Glacier Point ending with "let the fires fall! Each year I dreamed of escaping the city to live in Yosemite.

That dream has become as true as it could practically be, as I now Live in Mariposa County and run the local History Center.

My memory of it is vivid, as if it happened yesterday: I remember being comfortably swaddled, warm, and cozy in my light blue baby blanket, while being held in my Mother's arms, when all of a sudden this loud cry – “LET THE FIRE FALL!

” – rang out, yelled up from where we were at Camp Curry, at the base of Glacier Point, 3000 feet up to the top of Glacier Point. ” was then yelled back down from the top of Glacier Point to us all down below.

To boot, the museum has one of the original tin horns used to announce the earliest firefalls and I regularly show it to visitors while tell them my first hand memories of that event. Kennedy called the Fire Fall the night he was in Yosemite while sitting as a President.

I was there that night and yes he did do something for the Fire Fall but call it was not the thing.

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