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Jessica simpson dating cowboy player

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Jessica was skinny again, in dark pants, velvety coat, and high heels.Now and then a wispy strand of blond hair, as if making a break for it, swung across her face, only to be caught and tucked back.

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“It comes with what I do,” she said, “and I know that every day the media’s going to challenge me, is going to want to bring me down.

She spoke in a laid-back, twangy way about Tony Romo, her parents, her career.

When I asked about her ex-husband and reality-show co-star, Nick Lachey, she said, “I have not spoken to him in years.” When I asked if Tony Romo had watched she said, “A couple episodes.

(She’s done excellent work for Pizza Hut.) She can hold your attention, in other words, make your eyes follow her, which is a classic definition of stardom.

But Jessica Simpson—who just a few years ago was No.

After a tough few years—two movie duds, a risky foray into country music, and tabloid headlines about her weight—Jessica Simpson is at the crossroads of Obscurity and Re-invention.