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More than 3,750 firefighters were battling the blaze, aided by 15 helicopters and 460 fire engines.Almost all park areas are open, said Scott Gediman, a park ranger."We've got clear blue skies here in Yosemite Valley," he said. I was just out walking around, and there are plenty of people here."In San Francisco, utility officials monitored the Hetch Hetchy reservoir, inside the park, for clarity and used a gravity-operated pipeline system to move water to reservoirs closer to San Francisco.

There are also many useful links on our Vital Records page.Classic characters have a higher chance of being won in the prize machine, while rare being harder and epic being the hardest.Secret characters and daily mission characters are also ranked classic, rare, and epic but can only be obtained through special requirements and daily missions respectively.The Hetch Hetchy supplies water to 2.6 million people in the Bay area, 150 miles to the west."We're taking advantage that the water we're receiving is still of good quality," said Harlan Kelly Jr., general manager of the city's Public Utilities Commission."We're bringing down as much water as possible and replenishing all of the local reservoirs."At the same time, utility officials gave assurances that they have a six-month supply of water in reservoirs near the Bay area. The wildfire is still burning its way into the huge tourist attraction as thousands of firefighters using planes and bulldozers battle the flames.Washington State Obituary Indexes Washington State Cemetery Records & Transcriptions Pacific Northwest Indexes & Transcriptions Obituary Research Options ______________________________________________________________________ The Cam Wood Genealogical Workshop has on file all of the original newspaper clippings of the indexed obituaries.

If you should find something that interests you, they'll be happy to make a copy of the obit and mail it to you free of charge; requests should be emailed to Bill Blandin - Blandin (AT)

Currently, there are 667 known playable characters.

Each Character is divided up into 1 of 6 categories: Classic, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Enchanted, and Diamond.

Wendy Gray, left, talks with a neighbor as her husband, Mike, right, fields calls from neighbors about their homes and pets that were left behind in Coalville, Utah. Fire officials said the fire has "extreme" growth potential and is in extremely rugged terrain.

Smoke continues to be an issue, and visibility within the fire's perimeter is less than a mile, according to Inci Web, the federal fire information site. Mandatory evacuations were ordered for residents in some areas in the path of the fire while other towns, including Tuolumne and Mi-Wuk Village, were under advisory evacuations.

Twenty-two men and women, who haven't had the best track record when it comes to landing their ideal partner, will attempt to leave paradise with their perfect match and their share of the $1 million prize.