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Kris williams dating

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I would like to thank Holiday Inn for partnering with me to make this post possible. Kris Williams For some time now, Alexandria, Virginia has been one of my favorite destinations in the United States.

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I have to say, that if she had called me herself and tried to make me guess who was calling I would have known in the first three minutes that it was her.LM: You've been teasing your followers on Twitter lately about a big secret -- When will you be doing the big reveal?KW: I don't know yet -- I can't say until I get the go ahead.I was suspecting that she was the new Brandy replacement on Ghost Hunters International but after our conversation I'm not convinced that that will be the case.My best guess is that it is non-paranormal related due to her responses about getting herself and her other interests 'out there' and that she is more than just 'the girl that ghost hunts.' It will also be along the lines of a reality show as, by her own admission, she would be terrible if she were required to act.(Yes, my head cold is getting better, thanks for asking! I guess we'll just have to wait until whomever it is that has placed Kris under the 'don't tell yet' orders to lift the embargo so that we can all get back to Ghost Hunters business as usual. ------------ You can follow me on Twitter and I'll keep you in the loop -- I'm @lmerwin.

Coming soon I'll have some lists on there so that you can follow along with all your favorite Ghost Hunters as well.

I was hoping to score at least a hint of what the big secret is all about but unfortunately both she and her agent were very careful not to spill the beans.

The only thing I was able to deduce is that it sounds like another show in the works with Kris being involved in some way.

She is also appeared in on the web series, Young American Bodies.

She also created documentary web series “Boys and Girls”.

I hope I was able to cover the jist of what you want to know.