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Krystal gaelan dating

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The depth of his internal battle to do right by his family and still end up happy himself comes through loud and clear with Ross’ interpretation.In the end what makes Gray my kind of alpha hero, the kind you want to kick but ultimately love, is that when he finally gives in he does it all the way.

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Gray is one of Howard’s iconic uber-alphas – every time I listen, there are moments I think he’s just about gone too far – don’t you find yourself wanting to reach through your i Pod and snatch him by the ear?When I think of romantic suspense these days, I think Howard’s Death Angel, Cry No More, and even Kill and Tell. Moving on to one of our all time favorite audio authors, we all agree that Anna Fields is largely responsible for the vast success of Susan Elizabeth Philips’ audios.Most reside in our individual “best of the best” category of our audio library.He doesn’t open a small corner of himself but expresses his feelings in both words and deed which allows you to see : Truthfully, I forget that After the Night is romantic suspense.After all, it’s really a cold case until Faith starts nosing around.She gives Faith an added level of determination making her the Steel Magnolia she needs to be to stand up to both Gray and the treatment dished out when she returns to her hometown.

As the listener, we are privy to Gray’s frustrated yearning when it comes to Faith even when he is acting like a complete ass.

In Match Me If You Can (MMIYC), Fields’ self-deprecating portrayal of Annabelle (one of the best romance heroines ever) combined with Heath’s “I’m too busy to look for the perfect woman – don’t waste my time” is romance at its best.

: I agree – there are some great funny moments in MMIYC – Annabelle’s sex toys catalog being snatched as reading material, the women’s video Krystal shows to the book club, and the cell-phone snatching kid.

I see the relationship as truly front and center for this book, and the suspense as just a plot device. If you were to ask me my contemporary romance audio favorites, I wouldn’t think twice about including After the Night on that list.

And neither would I consider adding it to my romantic suspense favorite list.

Neither lead could be considered an SEP favorite by my book but the entire story works so well that I have now listened to NBC several times. : NBC was a hit for me when I read it and, as always, Anna Fields captured the perfect blend of humor, sarcasm, and angst I’d found within Dean and Blue’s journey to their HEA.