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Lee and crystal dating

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Prosecutors said Miller repeatedly hid her true income and contracts for future income from her TV shows until her channel-surfing bankruptcy judge saw her on TV and concluded she must be making far more than the $8,899 in monthly income she initially declared.

Miller (above with students on her show) pleaded guilty last year in federal court having been charged in the fall of 2015 with illegally trying to hide $775,000 in US income from the Lifetime network reality show and spin-off projects during her Chapter 11 bankruptcy While apologizing, she said the way she handled her money wasn't an attempt to deceive anyone but just a way to keep her business running.'I hope when you get out the stars align for you.'Miller, who has owned and operated the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh since she was aged 14, is scheduled to report to the facility in about a month and a half.After completing the sentence, she will be on supervised release for two more years and have to pay $160,000 in fines.Former Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller has been sentenced to a year and a day in prison in a Pittsburgh federal courtroom over fraud charges. Miller took the stand during her sentencing and begged Judge Joy Flower Conti for mercy while reportedly sobbing on Tuesday. Attorney Gregory Melucci told the court that Miller went from being a 'dance mom in the bankruptcy case to dance con.' Dance Moms is a reality series on the Lifetime network, which follows the early training and careers of children in dance under the guidance of Miller as their dance instructor.The reality television star had been indicted on 20 counts of fraud related to hiding $755,000 in earnings from the U. 'Dance Moms became a hit and I became the laughing stock of reality TV,' she told Conti.'You weren't truthful, even when you knew you were supposed to tell everything, you still weren't truthful,' Conti told the television star. The 50-year-old will reportedly serve her sentence in a federal facility near Los Angeles.'Somehow you got caught up in the fame and lost your moral compass,' Conti told Miller in a packed courtroom where her sometimes show opponents Christi Lukasiak and Kelly Hyland sat behind her.Illustration by Andrew Strawder In late autumn of 1964, Wong Jack Man piled into a brown Pontiac Tempest with five other people as the sun set on San Francisco Bay.

The group departed Chinatown and traveled east over the Bay Bridge to Bruce Lee’s new kung fu school on Broadway Avenue in Oakland.

'Well, like I teach my kids, life is not fair,' Miller told ET in referencing the students on the show as she has no children of her own.'In the end, I have to believe that everything will work out and the truth will come out -- I think there's a lot more to it.

There's a lot more moving parts to this case than anyone understands.'She added, 'I'm not a real physical person so... we'll see.'Dance Moms debuted in 2011 on Lifetime and season seven premiered in November 2016.

Miller filed for bankruptcy after defaulting on a $245,000 Florida condominium mortgage and a $96,000 mortgage on her dance studio in Penn Hills, a Pittsburgh suburb, her bankruptcy lawyer said.

Conti explained that the appropriate sentence should be 10-16 months with a fine ranging from $5,000 to $55,000 along with an additional 18-24 months and fines of $7,5000 to $75,000 for currency reporting charges.

The charges against her were made public in October 2015 by the U. Prior to her court date, the reality television star underwent gastric bypass surgery that reduced her stomach by 80 per cent.