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Lindsay lohan dating men again

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When it comes to swimwear inspiration, Lindsay Lohan is our go-to girl.

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In an attempt to ditch her bad habits, the star has turned to nicotine patches to help her quit smoking but they appear to have done little to help sort her love life.“She enjoyed a few drinks with him and a group of friends,” said a witness.“They were also dancing together.” However, “she was very well-behaved.” Another source said the description seems to fit “her manager,” and it all might have been some innocent flirting.He said: "If I'm dating Lindsay, Lindsay will let you know.It will come out soon enough."The couple were spotted locking lips at Los Angeles restaurant Il Sole.Today, in her only interview since another terrifying episode two weeks ago, this time in London, caused headlines around the world, Lohan admits that a relationship she had hoped would bring marriage and children is violent, unstable and at an end – for the moment at least.

However, she does disclose the explosive truth about another fight between them just a few days ago when she ended up screaming for help on the balcony of the Knightsbridge flat they shared.

Lindsay Lohan may have cleaned up her act post-rehab - but her love life appears to be her new addiction - as she is linked to not just one new love - but two - a man AND a woman.

The 21-year-old recently attended a party at the Los Angeles home of society lesbian Jeanette Longoria with Courtnenay Semel, the 28-year-old daughter of Yahoo! Following which reports emerged that Lindsay and Courtenay were more than just friends. The pair refer to themselves as "roommates" and a Hollywood insider claimed that they have been living together in a house in Los Angeles for about a month.

The incident was filmed by a neighbour and became an internet sensation. With her long, red hair and scattering of freckles, Lohan is immediately recognisable, but nobody gives a second glance as she walks into the lobby, dressed in a designer kaftan and sunglasses.

This is the first time she has spoken openly about Tarabasov and she starts crying. 'I wanted to do this interview because it's time to tell the truth,' she says.

Lindsay Lohan continues her international travels — this time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.