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Linksys ddns not updating

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Sometimes I receive the mail in the afternoon, sometimes at night, but always on different times. At least give us an option to select the interval it update the DDNS (quater hourly, hourly, weekly, etc etc)And if you did implement some fancy IP change algorithm or/and something that tied back to the router, please improve it or remove it all together if it doesn't work for all case scenario.The "lost connection" time in both mails is the same, so that should mean there wasn't a lost connection at all, or am I wrong? Kind regards, Da Dude1973Yes i can confirm i an having this issue as well. I suspect there might be an issue when using a two separate device, 1 modem and 1 router. Yes, I also notice the same bug after upgraded to DSM 4.0.

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Also, a s/w client update program requires you to have your computer on!!! Many of the switches are OEMed from suppliers; I believe that the series of OEM products from which the FSM726 L2 managed switch I have comes from is also available from Dell.Int he log, you will see some thing like [initialize], and then there should be the dyndns call out. If dyndns does have the right IP address, it might be that you are constantly getting the same WAN IP address and hence, the updating was not required, whether it did call out to or not. I am about to write a "constructive" letter to netgear informing yet another bug with these "slim" routers.I agree, Netgear used to make okay products years and years ago..these ill-written firmware releases are killing cutomers, but bringing in good money...… Netgear: FIx your 614v4 firmware and 814v2 firmware for DYNDNS!!!When I access my DS from a computer on my LAN (I can do this 24 hours) and go to Ez Cloud to check my DDNS settings everything looks correct.During the 12 hours of operation the status is normal but during the 12 hours of sadness it says something along the lines Cannot detect external address.I complained to Netgear tech support, while on a call about another issue, and they had no solution and weren’t going to follow it up.

BTW, I don’t think there is client software written (yet) for this router.

If you manually press the "Apply" button in the Dyn DNS menu, it will update your account fine. If you press "Show Status" and it does not say "Update OK: good", your Dyn DNS account did not get updated. BTW, I have to admit, the 624 is updating awesome..with a power off/reboot, and change of IP.

You will have to keep pressing "Apply" until it updates. We all know how good the reboot thing is with the 624.

I would go to my account and there was the IP - 192.168.x.x Strange.

I turned off the "feature" and shopped around and found a good client to install on two of the XP boxes in the office.

My ISP is telus and I am using the actiontec v1000h router. I would like 24 hour access, has anyone had this problem before and know a solution?