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Disputes Between Members: Waiver of Claims Against Nextdoor.

Our Community Guidelines outline our expectations regarding appropriate use of Nextdoor.Nextdoor transfers personal data outside the EU in accordance with the Directive.For example, Nextdoor may use a legal mechanism known as “standard contractual clauses” to protect EU personal information transferred outside the EU.We may add, change, or discontinue product features; if you are dissatisfied, your only remedy is to stop using Nextdoor or the affected feature.Some jurisdictions do not allow warranty exclusions, so they may not apply to you. If someone brings a claim against Nextdoor (whether against the company or any of its employees, directors, or officers) based on a harm you caused, you agree to reimburse us for any costs we incur in defending against that claim, including reasonable attorneys’ fees as well as damages.If you have a dispute with another Nextdoor member, we hope that you will be able to work it out amicably.

However, if you cannot, please understand that Nextdoor is not responsible for the actions of its members; each member is responsible for their own actions and behavior, whether using Nextdoor or chatting over the back fence.

Alerts sent via SMS may not be delivered if your phone is not in range of a transmission site, or if sufficient network capacity is not available at a particular time; furthermore, within a coverage area, factors beyond the control of the user’s wireless carrier may interfere with message delivery, including equipment, terrain, proximity to buildings, foliage, and weather. Some jurisdictions (including the European Union) provide consumers with mandatory rights that cannot be excluded via choice of law; if you are in such a jurisdiction, the preceding sentence does not affect those rights. You and Nextdoor both agree that, except as described in the next two paragraphs, (i) any claim or dispute regarding Nextdoor will be resolved exclusively by a federal or state court located in San Francisco, California, and (ii) we each agree and submit to the exclusive personal jurisdiction of those courts for litigating such claims or disputes. If you have a dispute with Nextdoor, you agree to contact us and try to resolve the dispute informally before pursuing other avenues. We can amend this agreement, any additional terms, or the privacy policy by notifying you of the changes (for example, by emailing you, or by posting an amendment notice in your neighborhood’s news feed).

You acknowledge that urgent alerts may not be timely received and that your wireless carrier does not guarantee that alerts will be delivered. If you believe Content on Nextdoor infringes your copyright, you can reach our notification agent at, Inc., 875 Stevenson Street, Suite 700, San Francisco, CA 94103. If you keep using Nextdoor after the amendment is effective, you accept and are bound by the new terms; if you disagree with the new terms, you should stop using Nextdoor and delete your account. NEXTDOOR AND THE ASSOCIATED SOFTWARE AND SERVICES ARE PROVIDED “AS IS.” We do not promise that any aspect of our software or service will work properly or continuously.

Nextdoor is not a party to transactions or disputes between members. Please feel free to share any feedback, suggestions, or ideas you have about Nextdoor with us, so long as you understand we may have already had the same idea, and you agree that we are free to use any feedback you voluntarily provide with no restriction or obligation (payment or otherwise) to you. If you use our text messaging service, note that text message alerts are not intended to replace any primary phone service, such as a traditional landline or mobile phone that may be used to contact emergency services. S., your notice must satisfy the requirements enumerated in 17 U. WE AND OUR SUPPLIERS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR MORE THAN $100. S., you and Nextdoor agree to the additional arbitration and dispute resolution terms found here. This agreement includes our privacy policy and, if and to the extent applicable to you, our dispute resolution terms for U. residents, our terms of service addendum for government agencies, our news media addendum, and our business addendum.

Nextdoor does not charge for sending text messages, but your carrier may charge you. Some jurisdictions do not allow damages exclusions, so they may not apply to you. This agreement is governed by California law as it applies to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within California between California residents. Please click through and read these important additional terms, which include an arbitration requirement (except for small claims) and require claims to be brought individually, and include instructions for how to opt out if you do not agree. It constitutes the entire agreement between you and us with respect to our Services, and supersedes any other agreements or understandings (oral or written).

Nextdoor is the private social network for neighborhoods; we hope that neighbors everywhere will use the Nextdoor platform to build stronger and safer neighborhoods around the world.