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Live six gerl chat in cyprus

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I live in Australia and have visited Cyprus once about four years ago. I would love to meet, chat, email to anyone in Cyprus. Any female and male who would like lifelong friendship, Please write a letter or call on my phone.

im lokkin some pen friends from all around the world..from croatia!!!!!!!!! I'm half American and half GREEK Cypriot (I live in the US). A good friend of mine lives / works in Larnaca who I visit now and again and I will be returning to visit again in late December during Christmas. [email protected] My name is Marina, age 39 years, sri lankan. my phone number is 0092 91 214228 0092 91 2571939 mobile: 0092 3036903042 email: [email protected][email protected],my name is fateh senoussi.i'm a teacher of english in a secondary school.i love music sports reading and i 'm from algeria and i would like to have girls penfriends is my email: [email protected] AM ALOK DWIVEDI . IAM A JOURNALIST WORKING WITH ' AWADH MORCHA TIMES'. DO e-maii ME AT [email protected] HELOW HOW ARE YOU I'M AMIR YESTERDAY I SAW ALL FRIEND ADDRESS ON INTERNET IN PEN FRIEND IN CYPRUS. I'M 31 YEAR OLD HIGHT 5'11 HEALTH IS GOOD MY JOB IS SALES MARKETING IN RUBBER AUTO PARTS FIELD. Oh yes, I'd NOT like to have ASIAN, CANADIAN & AMERICAN penpals because I already have ones. She has blond\brown hair and was wearing a red shirt and feel free.. yes I am Indonesian male, especialy who want visit or take holiday to Bali or Indonesia , I happy if you can contact me first, to get wonderful holiday in my country. Also, anyone that went on the Salamis Glory cruise to Egypt please contact me, I met loads of people but didnt get their adresses. I Love to make new friends form USA or any other country. my name is Tnia Mara, Im a brazilian girl, and i would love to write to you. my mail: [email protected] Hi this is imran form india, i wanna a friend (female)from cyprus who can help me out b'coz i am going to come by next year 2002 for higher studies so if any girl 16-21 is intrested then mail me soon my mail id is [email protected] PEOPLE OF CYPRUS. I am from Jerusalem and will be leaving afetr 3 weeks to Nicosia in order to study in the Inter college. Would like to talk to anyone who likes the same music around the same age : ) MSN/E-mail address - [email protected] everybody!! My e-mail is: [email protected] :-) My name is Yupa 32 years old, female from Thailand, I would like to have snailmail penfriends form every corners in this world *smile* I also swap fbs (friendship books) Please write soon.. Im always ready to chat and get to know new people. Be my friend id like to write by snail mail but e-mail is ok too,i write in englis,you can be from anywhere and id like you to be 11years old-13years old!!!! So if you want to be my friend, send me a jig and i'll definately reply. i am 19 years old and i am searching for a very good friend and that might be just, if you are intrested contect at [email protected] for you... It doesnt matter are you boy or girl, but you should be under 18... e- mail: [email protected]: I think we can be good friends for each other, because: I really want to be your friend.(we had a test today...) please wirte me if you are over 14! i'm waitting foryour message my adresse : hay nahda 2 goupe el majd n, 602 rabat maroc good luck Hey you !!!!!!!! I'm a girl who is 15(soon 16) years old from Japan. Love, Canna** My e-mail address is:[email protected] hello..i am Naddoush from Lebanon.i went to the Greek islands and Cyprus by Louis Cruises. etcanyways any one enterested can e-mail me my e-mail is [email protected] Hi guys my name is sofiy i'm20/F/ i'm from SF/CA and my hobbys are swimming,reading,music and i like party with my friends if you are interested e-mail me ok thanik you bye!!!! I study in Paris, France yet I usually come to Cyprus, my native country every summer and christmas. I LIKE GOING OUTTING, INTERNET, CENIMA AND READING. I am interested to make friends all over the worl, No matter a girl or a boy , no matter of any age. Contact me directly to my address hi i am an Australian born cypriot age 33 male and live in canberra Australia and single. I will be ever true and faithful for a gent who would dothis to me. contact Email : [email protected], I'm Amanda from Nottingham, UK. I like Backstreetboys, Jennifer Lopez, and Cristina Angulara. U can contact me through My e-mail address [email protected] postal address is:- My postal address is: - Kunal Bhasin House no: -244, Sectror: -14, Panchkula- 134113, Haryana, India So mail me my friends. Take Care Bye for now Ur friend Kunal Hello dear- I am very much serious & sincere about [email protected] buddies, interested in a guy who loves what you like and is ready to give you nothing but the best. Who wanna share their feelings contact me in my email address My email address is [email protected] , iam ramin safi. i want to make indian and pakistani girls iam a student and my father is a bussinessman. I'm looking for new PENPALS who have same interests with me. I met a girl on Board who went away just the second day in trip was a 2-day cruise to beirut in August. My email account is [email protected], Tom Hi everyone there! I wanted to look for girl friend from any part of the world E-mail: [email protected] every one My name is clive and i am 20 years old i would like to go and study in cyprus. AN ATHEIST BY FAITH I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE FRIENDS IN CYPRUS WHO HAVE WIDE INTEREST IN LEFT ORIEMTED POLITICS, SOCIAL ISSUES SUCH AS ENVIRONMENT, FEMINISM, ATHEISM, RATIONALISM, MARXISM ETC. NON-LIFE INSURANCE IS ALSO A FIELD I AM INTERESTED IN. If you ever come to Cyprus, I assure you you could have a great time. I'm an out going girl who enjoys having a lot of fun. Watching movies is one of the impotant things i would wanna do when i come to cyprus. I just want to share my views on the culture and tradiation of different countries with my friends. I am 17 years old but am going to Cyprus for my 18th in October. Friendship is a relation of soul & between humanbeings. My hobbies are dancing, playing the guitar, reading, writing, listening to the music, going to the movies, and so on... My name is Naseem Al-Humood, Saudi, Male, 29years and Employee at Electric Company. Box 396, Saihat 31972, Saudi Arabia HAI FRIENDS I AM INDIAN M/35 AN ENGINEER LIKE TO HAVE FRIENDSHIP WITH LIKEMINDED FRIENDS.My intrestings are: travelling, languages, foreign cultures, politics, spiritual Themes, reading, some sports, and all what is intresting about this world. Im Gabriella(female)from Slovakia, Id like to find some kind penfriends from all the world. the reason of my message conserned i'd like to make a relationship with you if this possible,nexte message i presante my self will ,i wante to know some informtion about tou if you can. I want to live in Cyprus for a wile, how do I do to find I job in your lovely contry? My e-mail address: [email protected]'m Alex Rutatinisibwa a Tanzanian boy of 22 years old I'm looking for a penfriend,should be a girl aged 16-25 who matches with my hobbies. I belieave that there must be some kindness friend to helo me. oh, i forget tell you my email, it is [email protected] I'm Cassie I'm 9years old my favrite animal is a jaguar I like to ride horses and play scocer.You can contact me at [email protected] if you want to find out more about me go to hi pretty girl.i am RADHOUAN i m from tunisia and im a handsome boy i m 20 year old look for a pretty girl 17_21year old ca speak frensh or english. in the future we hope to move name is paul and my partner is jill. Unfortunately my Greek is very poor, although I may have learned some by the winter.

my adress is : AFH2 rue de boundoukia n 11 kairouan 3100 Tunisia e-mail: [email protected] Essa Khan. For sharing ideas, thoughts, experiences, innerself and Understanding with honour and respect. Welcome fellows, If you wish to have a sincer, pure and lovely one, U welcome. anyone who wants to contact us in england e-mail us ...... I'd really like a pen-friend who can tell me something about Cypriot life and culture, and who might give me some enthusiasm in learning Greek!

The world believes Swedish girls are the hottest thing since sliced bread.

As you’re about to see, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I am social worker and I am interested in history, cultures, languages ... Have a cool sweet kisses from me contact me at [email protected] on phone 001208125754. So, about my charecter, it's qiute difficult to juidge about myself, I think I'm an optimistim girl and my motto is Makes best out of everything! My e-mail is [email protected] name is Melanie Kowal ,remember me? I was UN soldier in Cyprus in 1974 - 1976 an like to talk about the problem from that time. u can mail me at [email protected], my names Ruth and im 24 from England. Hello everybody I am boy from Turkey who is 17 years old I am interested in languages and I want to practise them through internet I want to talk a lot with everybody in here if you find me interesting just write me : [email protected] My name is Chris. i'm a tall good looking male looking for friends to hook up with on the net. i'm from the fiji islands and i'd love to meet anyone from my home country e-mail [email protected]'man a.j. I live in the capital of the Republic of Georgia, Tbilisi city. If anybody wants to know me, please e-mail me and visit my web site which is dedicated to best friendship. Hi my name is Kevin, i live in the UK and I am looking to get friendly with people living in Cyprus.

PLEASE PLEASE will the German guy who emailed me get in contact again as his email was deleted by accident, i hope he isn't offended- i would never just ignore someone. I think his name was Stephen if your out there, or anyone knows him.. I was staying in Xeros near Lefka Love from Henning Denmark [email protected] am a teacher in Spain wanting to connect my students with other teenagers from all over the world. The only problem is that I want them to write traditional postal letters. Ive just come home from a holiday in Paphos, And I want to be back there cause im miserable in England. [email protected] ________LOOK HERE__________ MY NAME IS REBECKA, IM 20 YEARS OLD. I LOVE TO TRAVEL AND I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE FRIENDS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES, ESPECIALLY FROM EUROPE (ITS CLOSER TO ME AND MAYBE WE CAN MEET). Iam 10 years old and i'm looking for a penfriend from any where. I would like to move out there shortly so it would be great to have someone to help me out with that.

HI MY NAME IS MICHAEL AND I AM FROM GREAT BRITAIN (ENGLAND)I HAVE MANY RELATIVES IN CYPRUS AND GO THERE NEARLY EVERY SUMMER! looking girl friend in cyprus, sweden, italy and in canada. pls write to me any girl from world, sepcially above cited countries lady are wellcome. my email no as [email protected] [email protected] WOULD LIKE PEN FRIENDS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD OF BOTH SEXES. i,m 25yrs old male doctor.i wanna handsom girl 4r the rest of my life. intrested subjects can cotact me on my E-mail( [email protected]). I am 43 years old woman and hoping to have a penfriend of Cyprus. Now I am 26 and 5' 10" with Black hair eyes, fair slim/avg guy... Bye for now, See ya soon Ana Sri Lanka hello we are looking to live in cyprus and would like any infomation regarding work are middle age,and would like to here from anyone who can give us information. I have been once to Cyprus two years ago and I liked the country. I'm 34 yrs old, book-minded, fond of folk usages, mysterious events, pets. my hobbies are watching thriller movies, sports such as crkicket, football, volleyball, swimming and chess and hanging out with friends, web surfing and computer games and graphics etc. I'd be very glad to find a penfriend from Cyprus(a girl preferably ,as most of cypriot girls r so pretty) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE my E-mail [email protected] there!!!!!! I am in desperate need for a friend and that might be you. my email address is [email protected], my name is Karine I'm a French girl and I'm 18 years old. I WOULD LIKE TO WRITE WITH PEOPLE FROM ALL OF THE WORLD BECAUSE I LIKE LEARNING LANGUAGES, MEETING GOOD PENFRIENDS AND JUST TALKING ... [email protected] Hai friends, I am Venugopal, mechanical engineer working in an Italian company and now deputed at Abudhabi. I went to cyprus 2 years ago and fell in love with the country along with a cypriat barman and would love to hear from anyone who lives in Cyprus,if not any one from any other nationality would be fine. All my love x [email protected] ME Hi, My name is Mariam. I can speak and write: Frensh , English and Arabic. I love to have penfriends and penpale from all the world. My name is Olivia and I am an 18 year old female from AUSTRALIA.