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Lonley dating

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I want to be pampered and I don't care how much it costs," she adds.The 27-year-old businesswoman from Nagoya, spends around $10,000 a month on the object of her desire -- a faintly androgynous beau with bleached hair and a boyish grin.

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"It's a 24-hour job," insisted the 43-year-old after arriving for work in a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce.After all that's how you get her to come to the club and spend money," Takami explained.Host clubs are a $10 billion industry in Japan with some 800 venues nationwide."Our real work starts after hours -- going for drinks with customers, crawling into bed at 9am, meeting another one for lunch," added Takami, who is set to open a host club in Las Vegas next year.- Chance of love - "It's important the customer believes there's a chance of love.She places Moo in a small room and brings in a few potential roommates.

He is met with a range of reactions: rebuffs, disinterest, mounting, and sniffing– everything a bunny owner should expect when introducing potential bond mates.

But the promise of sex is still dangled as bait in a cutthroat industry, admits Ichijo, whose plush apartment screams bling.

"Sex is not necessarily part of a host club's service," he said.

"A host's job is to support a lady's heart," he said.

"We're here to encourage women's social advancement.

But some big-spenders splurge over $100,000 in a single night to have their egos stroked by smooth-talking rental Romeos who themselves can earn five times that amount in a good month.