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Louisville slugger baseball bat dating

This bat is from the Corunna, MI location, a tough bat to find.Void of cracks, it measures 35 1/2 inches and remains in EX-MT condition.

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The markings are strong and bold making for a nice look and display.Jimmie Foxx bats are very rare in any condition and this one is a stunner! The markings could not be more bold and the surface is like glass.Jimmie Foxx enjoyed an amazing 20 year career in major league baseball and racked up a slew of awards and accomplishments. sporting goods company which features deeply burned in marking that include that patent information.SOLD ITEM 2: Here we are offering an unusual vintage baseball decal bat for indoor baseball. Another rare aspect of this bat is the flame tempered handle.From about a foot from the knob, and including the knob, the handle was flame tempered.

This was done to strengthen the wood and minimize handles cracks but is also created a great looking feature of the bat. Wilson markings, a multi color decal and a unique handle all come together to make for a rare and attractive display bat in solid EX-MT condition.

It measures over 35 inches and features a flat cut at both the knob and barr ell ends.

The graining is beautiful and the surface is ideal.

Foxx is to be considered one of the top players in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

This bat is among the top condition you will find for the scarce HOF'er. SOLD ITEM 7: Here we are offering a 1960's Mickey Mantle Baseball Bat.

SOLD ITEM 3: The offered item is a 1910's Zimmerman brand baseball bat.