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Marvell option backdating

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Aelish Marie Baig is a partner in the Firm’s San Francisco office.

The Blog of the Legal Times has a post on the long-running securities class action against Fannie Mae pending in D. As noted when the legislation passed in late 2003, however, the bill imposed significant phase-in and standing requirements that threatened to limit its use.But even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.Securities Docket reports that the first South Korean securities class action is about to go forward.Her practice focuses on protecting individuals and companies facing complex attacks on multiple fronts by plaintiffs, regulators and prosecutors.She has been recognized among the top women lawyers in California by the In addition to her trial work, Ms.Marvell will continue to sell DS2 products and support the company's customers, though it plans to integrate the DS2 technology into its core home networking portfolio.

After recording a net loss of $65 million in the last quarter of fiscal 2009, Marvell initiated a cost-cutting program across the company, including the layoff of about 850 employees, a 15% reduction in force. Like other chip makers, Marvell is dealing with a recession-driven downturn in the semiconductor industry.

Thou marvell'st at my words, but be thee still; Marvell Technology Group offers digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits for data storage and broadband communications applications.

Products include read channels (which convert analog data from a magnetic disk into digital data for computing), preamplifiers, and Ethernet switch controllers and transceivers.

The fabless semiconductor company draws most of its sales from a few customers, including Western Digital, Toshiba, and Samsung Electronics.

Marvell gets most of its sales in the Asia/Pacific region.

Marvell does some in-house testing of new parts before they go into volume production.