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Guaranteed minimum pension: If the monthly benefit is less than the minimum pension set by law, the government makes up the difference. The monthly benefit depends on the value of the accumulated capital plus accrued interest.Benefit adjustment: Benefits are adjusted annually in February according to changes in the price index.

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The minimum earnings used to calculate contributions are the legal monthly minimum wage in the insured's geographic area.benefits plus 1.75% of covered payroll for disability and survivor benefits.The legal daily minimum wage in Mexico City is 59.82 pesos. Early pension: Age 60 or older, not in remunerative employment, with at least 1,250 weeks of contributions.The insured must be assessed with a 50% reduction in normal earning capacity and have 150 weeks of contributions.The insured may continue to work in a different job after a six month waiting period.Guaranteed minimum pension: The insured is eligible for a disability pension and the pension (based on the value of the accumulated capital plus accrued interest) is less than the minimum pension. Constant attendance allowance: Paid if the insured requires the constant attendance of others to perform daily functions.

Social Security Institute assesses the loss of normal earning capacity.

Special systems for petroleum workers, certain public-sector employees, and military personnel.

At retirement, employees covered by the social insurance system before 1997 can choose to receive benefits from either the social insurance system or the mandatory individual account system.

without children who was married to the deceased for at least six months, if the deceased was younger than age 55 at the date of marriage; at least 12 months if the deceased was aged 55 or older at the date of marriage or if the deceased was a pensioner.

Other eligible survivors are a cohabiting partner without children who lived with the deceased for at least five years; children up to age 16 (age 25 if a student; no limit if with a disability); and parents if there are no other eligible survivors.

All private-sector employees and cooperative members entering the labor force on or after July 1, 1997; members of cooperatives.