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A Nantucket portrait artist traveling with her ancient grandfather, a bus full of fuming Texan college administrators, and a party of vacationers collide in this drama about how far we travel to outrun the demons within.

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In this week's issue, Cagla Eroglu and her colleagues reveal that in mice, one of the keys is the ability of astrocytes to express neuroligins, a family of cell-adhesion molecules with previously known roles at neuronal synapses.Observations of an event (several energetic eruptions leading to a terminal explosion that is surprisingly hydrogen-rich) with the spectrum of a supernova do not match with other observations of supernovae.Analyses of digital corpora of annotated texts reveal the influence of stochastic drift versus selection in grammatical shifts in English and provide a general method for quantitatively testing theories of language change.As the shot changes you can see Wat standing still in the background. See more » As the first credits appear, the camera swings to show a constellation behind William and Jocelyn. Jocelyn refers to William as the Hunter before she learns his name. Chronologically, historically and geographically incorrect. Full of innumerable inaccuracies and made up of a cast who talk as though they are not from the same continent, let alone the same country! I tell you what I can say, I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! I laughed from beginning to end and was enraptured by the sense of friendship that these people displayed. With his newly-minted history in hand, the young man sets out to prove himself a worthy knight at the country's jousting competition, and finds romance along the way.

In William's final joust with Adhemar, when his horse starts charging, Kate, Roland, and Wat run along behind his horse for a short period of time.

The image shows two 3D-printed models of mouse astrocytes (orange and grey) apposed to one another as they would be found in the brain.

It has long been known that astrocytes have an intimate relationship with neurons and as a result, can significantly influence the function of synapses.

She also noted eight organizations in which she's resigned her position but which she will retain a financial interest.

During a three-hour hearing Tuesday before the panel, Democrats grilled De Vos about her support for charter schools and vouchers as well as her political donations and tried to paint her as unprepared and unqualified for the job.

Since starting on a daily regimen of exercise, diet and Healthy Trinity John is experiencing more energy, better sleep patterns and a lower A1C diabetic indicator.