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By the Gryps War, Amuro has become more of a reclusive person due to being isolated after the OYW.Through his guilt over accidentally killing Lalah, Amuro also has a fear of going into outer space, as told by Mirai Noa.

At the end of the war, Amuro realizes that the crew of the White Base is the family he belongs to.Amuro then disabled Denim's Zaku by running the beam saber through the cockpit to avoid an explosion.Shortly afterwards, he is commanded by (then) Ensign Bright Noa.Amuro's habits indicate him being a 'nerd' in some ways.Throughout the war, Amuro's mental stress and his growing Newtype powers distance him further away from the crew members of the White Base.Landing on Earth safely, Amuro became the first mobile suit pilot to survive reentry.

Both the White Base and the Gundam were severely outnumbered.

Two Zeon soldiers, Denim and Gene, were on a reconnaissance mission to find what Project V's mobile suits were.

But Gene disobeyed orders and started to attack Side 7.

Amuro is adept at any combat situation he is in, whether in close-combat, middle-range, or even long range encounters at multiple enemies, he is able to fight them in his way without any prior training that makes him earn the title "White Devil".

During the Gryps Conflict 7 years latter, his skill never fades, in fact, leading the Karaba (AEUG's earth-bound ally) at successful missions.

However, over time, Amuro manages to hone his skills to the point where a mobile suit he pilots needed a field upgrade and tuned to even able to match up to Amuro's immense piloting skill.