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The only way he’s agreed to communicate is by calling my mobile and blocking his number.These are dark waters, and the consequences for his career, should the truth get out, could be serious.

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He is well-mannered, with a distinguished demeanour.“The use of the internet for sexual purposes is on the rise.It makes accessing it [pornography] very affordable and very available and seems anonymous.” The addiction can manifest itself as a desire for crazed one-night stands, prostitutes, downloading porn, or building the perfect showreel (this is a showreel of porn films downloaded from the internet, which is more about the browsing and collecting than the actual “use”).“Sexual addiction is a pattern of sexual behaviour which feels out of control,” explains Dr Thaddeus Birchard, director of the Marylebone Centre for Psychological Therapies in central London, who has 18 sex addicts in treatment, aged 22 to 56 – all of them men.“The male sex drive is higher than the female sex drive,” he says, “so strange behaviours are more of a male thing.” The number of people seeking help is increasing, he says, because of wider awareness of the problem, and because of the internet.He is also a sex addict, and Ash is not his real name.

I don’t know his real name, or his mobile number or email address.

“My sex education had been very limited, very scientific, so I was utterly amazed by what I saw.

It was a way into a fantasy world, a way to run away from everything I had worried about or found difficult at home.” In 1990, Ash was spending £1.95 a month on girlie magazines.

“We’re not talking about something that is fun,” Dr Birchard stresses. “All addictions are anaesthetising behaviours,” says Paula Hall, psychotherapist and author of Understanding and Treating Sex Addiction.

Sex addiction may lack the history and profile of alcohol or heroin (some don’t even acknowledge it as an addiction) but it still has a spectacular ability to destroy lives. “They are something you are doing in order to avoid dealing with something else.” The son of a doctor and a housewife, Ash grew up in a strict, high-achieving family.

“The trigger might be the word 'prostitute’ on the radio, or a sex scene in a normal film you see on the BBC.