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Most intimidating fans in football

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De Kuip or “the tub” is home to Feyenoord, one of the traditional top teams of the Netherlands.For football matches, it can seat 46,000 to 48,000 but the total capacity goes up to 51,577 for other events like concerts.

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With a capacity of about 45,000 people, Anfield is a bit smaller than the newer arenas.It has a seating capacity of 84,412 and provides the fans of 2 hometeams, the Persepolis F. It is not as spacious as Galatasaray’s home stadium but this stadium provides a venue for the fan’s record breaking 132 decibels roar which is literally louder than thunder.That’s hostile enough for the opponents of the home team to refuse to play on these grounds all together.Either seated or standing, the fans always have energy to wave their flags, throw their confetti; and scream, roar, and chant their heart out.You would thing that an open roof would help distill sound, but when it comes to Maksimir stadium you’d be wrong.Around the world, sports fans can be relentlessly intimidating.

It’s not just all the stadium paraphernalia that visually exhibits their love for their team and the game It’s also the vigor and bottomless passion that you can hear from the earth shattering uproar that they effortlessly create to intimidate the opponent as exemplified by our 25 Most Intimidating Stadiums In The World.

The fans are always expected to back the players up with their vocal prowess as they boost their confidence and bring down the morale of the opponents.

The enormous “Temple of the Yellow Wall”, which can seat an amazing 80,552 people and its South grandstand can accommodate 25,000 people, is home to an intimidating and crazy crowd.

In spite of this downsize, the fans’ energy and fervor more than makes up for it with hooliganism and crazy antics that has proven to be too much to handle for normal spectators.

If two rival teams play in the same home stadium, how heated could the games in this stadium be?

In spite of its low seating capacity; the fans have managed to turn this stadium into a caged nightmare for whatever opponent steps onto the field.