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I want to discuss the brace form or correct manner of modelling the brace, which is surely very important; however, the full concept, such as RSC, is also very important in providing good results.

All patients are seen and classified by two MDs, two CPOs and one physiotherapist.The goal of this study was to determine the primary correction of the Cobb angles of idiopathic scoliosis subjects wearing the Rigo System Cheneau (RSC) brace.The RSC brace is a scoliosis brace that incorporates expansion and pressure areas to treat all aspects of the 3-dimensional scoliotic deformity not only in the frontal plane but also in the sagittal and transverse planes.If a user, for instance, often talks to tall men in their early 30s, Mr.Right will show that user other men nearby with similar traits. Right works in the background as a personal wingman, always on the lookout for new, compatible men." But the "Mr.After years of treatment without looking at the interdisciplinary way of bracing, we decided to change our method of bracing.

There are different philosophies and design possibilities in the conservative treatment of idiopathic scoliosis (IS) and lots of CPO’s worldwide have an opinion about the best brace or best method to treat IS.

Every patient has their own database, where all data is stored and can be viewed and evaluated by the team or health insurance provider.

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Often, patients do not recognize the scoliosis until it is more severe, so treating the scoliosis becomes a more serious problem.

However, the importance of providing adequate scoliosis information and a solid treatment plan for scoliosis physical therapy has recently become recognized.

Scoliosis is a multifactorial deformity that affects all three body planes of the trunk and spine.