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Muslim guy dating christian girl

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I Have been totally neutral when i wrote this but if you'd car about my opinion although i know it's non of my business but here it is: I am against you changing your religion for a guy you love cos what if any day you break-up with him then you would have lost lots of things, so take with him about it like i said before and if he really loves he would take as you are.

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He's 20 and I know he likes me because he told me how he felt, however I didnt tell him I feel the same way.Are you someone who follows Jesus, or do you just call him Lord without doing God’s will in your life?Are you sure that you will have eternal life when you die?5- he Would not be able marry you, and if you turned Muslim you cant turn back ( or he will literally have to Cut your head off as their qura'an (religion book) says.) So to sum it all up it really depends on the guy himself, you may want to ask him some questions before taking any step forward.3- Actually this one depends on him, it has nothing to do with religion.

4- as i said before it depends on him, but if he is gonna treat you the '' Muslim '' i mean as their religion says then you honestly DON' T Want it.

If you want to think deeper about these questions, please have a look around this website that tells you more about Jesus, or maybe pick up the Bible and read about Jesus in the New Testament, and consider his claims as the master of our lives?

Christian pastors and Muslim imams have come together to draw up guidelines detailing advice on how to deal with inter-faith marriages.

My answer to that is going to be a"no," but I hope you would read my explanation below.

It would be helpful for us to look at the Bible’s definitions of what is a Christian and what is a Muslim.

I don't know much about Muslims and I don't really understand the religion so I don't want to get involved with him yet.