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Becky saw him mouth the f word, but he quickly regained his composure and rounded the stairs into the living area. Are you prepared." "Oh, yes, yes." Billy quickly scanned Casey and then his sister, involuntary locking his eyes on her unusual breasts. " Though this was humorous, the ogling was making her a bit uncomfortable. "Let me film you practicing your speech." Becky almost protested, but then realized her friend wasn't going to be filming them naked, but only her brother's attempt at getting through a speech while three hot girls sat naked before him. They all noticed he was not looking at their faces, like he had while delivering his speech. Casey, though still embarrassed of her predicament, started laughing, while Becky began worrying.I’m pretty much a shy girl, but if we talk about my fantasies and sex life I become a wild, passionate young woman. My kinky imagination can go beyond limits if I get to know you well enough, because I start feeling comfortable and free to share with you all that I hide in my lil dirty mind. Getting over my limits and always curious of unknown. If Penny planted obscene thoughts in Billy's mind (for instance, making him believe he could also imagine the girls fucking themselves), they'd have to follow along, or admit they were actually naked all this time. Becky had a feeling she knew what Penny was up to, who kept talking dirty to her brother, "If you could so easily imagine us naked, don't you wonder if you could just as easily fantasize us fucking ourselves? Billy thought the girls were dressed, but believed his imagination was so vivid, that he could clearly see each of them naked. "Still don't think it will work." "That's the gist of it, and it'll work," said Casey, giving Billy a poke on the shoulder. Penny, with her oversized mounds, sat in the center, while Casey's trim self sat to the left of her and Becky to the right, nearest the corner. "You lost me about mid-way through, but I am guessing your audience understands some terms and theories that we don't." "Yeah, that would be accurate," said Billy, amazed he still saw the girls so utterly naked. He never guessed his sister would have such amazing and unique tits, and such a gorgeous hourglass figure. "So are you guys going to watch that zombie show tonight? We'll let ya hang with us tonight." Again, Billy didn't wish to leave the room, fearing he'd come back and would no longer be able to imagine seeing them naked. We could all change there, one at a time." "He's going to be back in two seconds. 'Can't wait to see.' "So Billy, you did really well," said Becky. " Billy looked over at his sister, again taking far too much time on her breasts. The whole thing worked, and I really did calm down. "Billy, will you please tell my friend here that you are not that kind of a pervert? Within minutes the girls all had fingers in their respective pussies, while also trying to hold a casual conversation with their prank victim. Sure, they were familiar with each other, but Casey cringed at the thought of having an orgasm in front of him.

I'll hide them behind the couch." One minute later, all three girls were stark naked, sitting on the couch. He feared if he left the room, he would lose the skill. no, I don't guess," said Becky, looking at the other two. She practically lived in the nude at home, and often wondered what it would be like to be such a bold exhibitionist in front of others. Joining a nudist club would easily have satisfied her curiosity. Why don't you go grab us some beers and then take a seat in the recliner. 'Maybe I get to keep this gift forever,' he thought. He supposed she, more than anyone, would love to hear the details of some guy imagining her naked. Becky was pissed she was being roped into this, but she didn't want to give away the fact that they were actually naked. " He turned to Casey, who upon seeing his glare, also knew what to do. By now, she was feeling vulnerable being naked for so long in front of her friend's brother.

Over the years, I discovered I feel attracted to older men, experienced and powerful men, who would protect me, spoil me and make me feel safe. So feel free to teach me new experiences and drag me into this world. If there's something special to mention then I must admit that I've always dreamed about having my Sugar Daddy - a nice and generous gentleman who's ready to do anything and everything for his little princess!

An intelligent man, with good sense of humour, ready to make me smile and feel good will always wake up my curiosity… Treat me like a princess and show me how important I am to you and I’ll show you all my love and hidden sides. I will definitely not mind, just please take me easy. Be my Sugar Daddy and spoil me and I'll be forever YOURS!

The moment Billy saw the girls, his eyes practically popped out of his head and he inhaled suddenly. He rolled into a flawlessly-executed, six-minute speech on Marxism and economics, while addressing his audience directly. but they had to admit he was confident and engaging. She had hoped to tease her friend's brother to the breaking point, and instead he was perfectly composed. Billy finally stopped and refocused his attention on the naked bodies of the girls. He hoped they had enough beer in the fridge, too, as he definitely didn't want to make a run.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," said Becky, but before enough time passed for her to change her mind, Billy came trotting down the stairs. But then, Billy paused, took a deep breath and looked up to the ceiling, whispering to himself, "Okay, I got this. I am obviously in control." And somehow, without missing a beat, Billy was able to calm himself instantly. However, he took the risk and rushed out, wanting to make it as quick as possible. Thanks for the help." "So you really saw us naked in your mind? Billy gulped and answered truthfully, but left out the details of clarity. I followed Beck's instruction and it worked alright." "Just alright? " asked Becky, as she pulled her fingers out and twirled her clit with her middle finger. Unfortunately, except for maybe Penny, they were beginning to feel more like the victims than the pranksters.

She didn't mind flaunting her figure and teasing those around her. From the moment you see them, you will recognize you have this gift to see the audience naked. She repeated the instructions to her "sleeping" subject before finally waking him.