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Sydney Town Hall will also hold a mass same-sex wedding as a celebration of equal marriage.Labor Councillor Linda Scott said the move was intended to be a gesture of love towards LGBT people because “this community has suffered significant discrimination and many have felt hurt during the campaign”.

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ABS Deputy Statistician Jonathan Palmer told a senate committee ballot fraud has been discovered and a number of ballots have been found to contain foreign objects or items considered suspicious.According to Mr Palmer 14 complaints had been referred to police due to the sale of survey forms online, while a further four were due to survey form theft.A spokesperson for the Australian Federal Police confirmed to Perth Now that 14 ballots frauds are being investigated.The campaign’s aggressive tactics have been linked to a rise in hostility against the LGBT community, with activists reporting a string of violent homophobic incidents since the vote was calls.This week, the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that razor blades had been found in some returned ballots.The ABS said that in total, police are investigating 14 incidents connected to the ballot – including attempts to sell blank ballot papers online to the highest bidder.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the motion past by the council will make community facilities, halls and parks free for 100 days for same-sex couples, after equal marriage becomes law.

She added: “This is a practical way for the council to combat discrimination”.

However, senior Liberals opposed the motion – arguing it would be discriminatory because it doesn’t apply to opposite-sex couples.

In the ad, he publicly expresses his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Earlier this month a mother in Melbourne was sent a letter threatening her children after she put up a rainbow flag.

Straight people were not impacted by the public vote on whether gay couples deserve basic human rights.