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New happiness dating

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You embrace the thrill because you’re in love, and when you’re in love anything seems possible. You aren’t truly living, because you’re living inside of a vacuous bubble.

Findings, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, put the percentage of married couples that now meet online at almost 35% -- which gives what may be the first broad look at the overall percentage of new marriages that result from meeting online.There's a spark and an excitement that doesn't die down, because that's how happy you are. You're not sure about much, but you're sure ab0ut this. Being comfortable means you just don't want to make the effort. Why find someone else when you’re content with the status quo? It’s like being wrapped in a warm blanket while all your worries melt away.Why swipe right when you have a perfectly acceptable off-screen option in front of you? When you’re comfortable, that feeling of safety is similar to that of boredom.Though the differences between "happy" and "comfortable" can be slight, they're very real. And "euphoria" doesn't mean unrealistic romantic bliss. It breaks your heart into a million pieces to even consider it. You know that you’re strong and theoretically capable on your own.It just means your stomach flips every time you see your SO. But the thought of another person touching you is positively grotesque.If you’re truly happy, you’re grabbing life by the balls.

You’re living to the fullest, because every single day feels like an adventure. When you’re comfortable, you’re just letting the world pass by.

And I'm not saying there's something wrong with routine.

It’s really quite lovely to be with someone who makes you feel so secure that you can go through life unfazed by the bullsh*t. Sometimes, you can confuse being comfortable with being happy.

The relationship doesn’t expand your horizons; it reinforces your old ones.

You’re in it because it feels okay -- not because it feels challenging.

I know I find happiness in hours of conversation (the snorting laughter kind, but also the heart-to-hearts). You’re goofy, ridiculous and absurd with your partner, because you’re with your best friend. Even when you’re just lying together reading, writing or relaxing, you’re still satisfied.