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The Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health is a network of empowered youth and allied adults who transform public consciousness and build capacity of family, school, and healthcare systems to support the sexual health, rights, and identities of youth.We educate, advocate, and organize for reproductive justice for youth in Illinois, envisioning a world in which all young adults use their power to achieve health and well-being in their own lives and for their communities. Join our mailing list to stay updated on our events, programs, and opportunities as we forge ahead in 2017.#No Shame: Reduce stigma and shame around youth sexuality and sexual decision-making.#Safer Space: Increase access to safe relationships and environments that support health and positive self-perception.#Youth Voice: Increase opportunities for youth decision-making and leadership within family, school, and healthcare systems.#Adult Accomplices: Increase the capacity of adult accomplices and youth to foster mutually respectful relationships.#Health Access: Increase access to sexual healthcare, information, and resources in a culturally-relevant and youth-friendly way.#Sex Ed Saves: Increase access to sex-positive, inclusive, and developmentally appropriate information around sexual health, identity, and rights of youth.

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Obviously, this app is not safely monitored for children.The curators/leaders are bullies and the weird thing was that people love those bullies!AMINO itself can include chats about pokemon but then members send you pornographic images (Seriously!? I found Amino on daughter's phone when doing a check.they claim this is done for quality checks, as if they have any qualifications to judge quality is.When I put forward legitimate concerns on this subject, instead of answering these concerns the moderators were rude and basically said: sorry you don't like it, this is the way it is.In an email to the State Journal on Thursday, Bafford said he was a victim of sexual assault, as well as an offender.

He said he "wants to do good for the betterment of humankind wherever I'm at" and was drawn to the Listening Ear's nonjudgmental environment.

Curtis Hertel Jr., D-Meridian Township, introduced a bill that would prohibit sex offenders from working for such organizations after the State Journal revealed Wednesday that three registered sex offenders -- Michael Coscarelli, 55, Cleveland Bafford, 57, and Jonathan Case, 33 -- were simultaneously working for the organization.

Coscarelli served as center coordinator, the public face of the group, and he and Case had volunteered there at least a year. Coscarelli and Bafford are both Tier 3 offenders, the most serious level of those required to report to the registry. The men were not part of the Listening Ear's team that serves sex assault victims, but could have come in contact with victims who called the organization's 24-hour crisis hotline or walked into the office on East Michigan Avenue.

One volunteer, Andrew Dombrowski, stumbled across the men's past on Google last month and shared it with the board chairwoman, Alexandra Mitchell.

Both of them resigned after they said they felt their concerns were downplayed.

At least one former volunteer who is also a sex assault survivor worked alongside one of the men without knowing he was an offender.