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The pool area overlooks the Toronto harbour and has a couple of seating areas.

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Although the park is in Hamilton, the short drive is worth it for those who would love to get into their bathing suits and relive their childhoods.So take a peek -- a little voyeurism never hurt anyone.THEHotel at Mandalay Bay on The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada The Moorea Beach Club at THEhotel -- part of the Mandalay Bay hotel complex -- has a rowdy pool party, exclusive to guests over 21.There are also a variety of beach volleyball events that are held at the Pier that guests can watch or participate in.The Regent Park Aquatic Centre may not seem like a suitable location to bring a date, but there's a lot of fun things to do there.Visitors are given a personal locker where they can stow away their shoes and clothes, as well as a special shirt and pair of shorts to wear throughout the facility.

Guests are also free to bring laptops, games and other personal items with them!

Seoul Zimzilbang is a Korean spa in Toronto that is actually open 24/7.

The 16,000 square foot venue is equipped with TVs, gym equipment, entertainment units and various mineral sauna rooms.

The Woodbine Boardwalk is a long stretch of wooden planks that runs along the Woodbine Beach shore.

Stationed along it are various food carts that sell ice cream, hotdogs and much more.

Hanlan's Point Beach is known for its clothing optional area; but for a half-naked date, visitors can head over to the other side of the beach where it's also less crowded.