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On line granny cam

You have the right to record video of anything that goes on in your private residence, even if you’re recording secretly, but recording audio isn't always legal.A handful of states, including California, Florida, Illinois and Washington, require that anyone whose speech is recorded be aware it is happening.

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Whether you tell your nanny or children that they are being filmed is up to you.The best nanny cams are able to record high quality video using a variety of recording options and have a concealed and easy-to-use design.With a nanny cam, you can rest easy knowing that your child and home are watched over.Also, you should keep an eye on the amount of video on the SD card so you don't lose important footage if the storage is full.Some of the cameras we reviewed can overwrite old footage with new footage if the SD card runs out of space.We then evaluated the recordings to calculate the video quality score.

Each camera received a percentage score, with 100 being a perfect score.

There are three factors that make a great nanny cam: video quality, ease of use and concealment.

The best nanny cams excel in these factors, while a nanny cam that struggles in one has a major weakness.

The top performers in our review are the Spygear Gadgets Power Adapter, the Gold Award winner; the Eyeclub Spy Clock, the Silver Award winner; and the Zetta Z12 Intelligent Security Camcorder, the Bronze Award winner.

Here's more on choosing a nanny cam to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of these 10 products.

Finding the right nanny cam starts with figuring out what type is best for you.