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One 2 one live video chat

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It works for online dating and there is no reason it shouldn’t work for your customer service.Did you know that most people have what is called a visual memory ?

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The big advantage of video chat is that it can actually be « customized » to turn into a voice chat if needed.It requires an effort in presentation that they are not always comfortable with and it’s impossible to blame them.Amazon chose an approach where representatives can see only the customer’s screen and not his face.Memory goes together with comprehension which means that the majority of the population understands better and faster when there’s a visual element.In most cases it will actually take less time to settle an issue (especially a technical one) using video.There’s no premium or « best customers only » access.

Amazon provides high standard service for EVERYONE.

The rep can also draw on the screen or co-browse to help the user go where he wants.

What’s great about May Day is that it is accessible to ALL Kindle owners.

With all Salesforce clients about to enter the market, video chat will become a hit even earlier.

Customers like to feel special and contrary to what many are saying, they don’t like to do everything themselves.

Video answers lots of today’s customer service problems : Customers are not big fans of offshored call center.