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It has the power of Google's Knowledge Graph, which understands many thousands of "entities" and how they relate to each other.So you can ask more complicated questions that couldn't be resolved just by crawling the web.

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When they send you a message, Allo puts some suggested replies at the bottom.Kay told us that his suggestions were the text-version of smileys because he prefers to use those over actual emoji.When you "invoke" @google in a chat either by hitting one of those suggestion chips or just typing @google, both you and everybody you're chatting with can see and respond to the answers.Allo (pronounced like "Aloe" and not like "'allo, guv'nor!") is a mobile-only app that you might think is meant to replace Google's other messaging app, Hangouts. Allo is explicitly meant to be a fresh start for Google's new communication's division (which also runs Hangouts and Project Fi).So picking a restaurant becomes a group activity where everybody is looking at what you're looking for and helping pick the right one.

And debates about who starred in that movie you saw can be resolved immediately and definitively.

You can set up a conversation with @google and ask it all sorts of questions.

It'll respond with the stuff you've come to expect from typing into a Google search box — but it'll also engage in a bit of a conversation with you.

"It's really liberating to start from scratch sometimes," says Erik Kay, director of engineering, communications products. Its interface is clean and easy to understand, with some clever little innovations on what you've seen in other chat apps like Whats App or Messenger. You sign up with your phone number and you can connect your Google account to it, though there's no need to.

You can see the usual chat app stuff: there are sent and received indicators, emoji, and a big set of custom stickers.

They're called "suggestion chips" and they're powered by a massive and massively smart machine learning engine.