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This is by far one of the smallest drone tracking devices on the market. The tracker is easy to use and one button is all that is need to initiate tracking when needed.Considering the value of the drone equipment, the cost of the Marco Polo UAVfind is negligible and a worthy investment. Having your drone crash or flyaway on you is a terrible experience; make sure you’re protected by using one of these quadcopter trackers.

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The transceiver causes no interference with any other equipment or communications of you UAV and the tracking system can be turned on and off as required.Ok, so let’s admit, we love our little birds and trust them enough to fly over the lake next door or out of our line of site at times via FPV. This type of thing is going to happen to everyone sooner or later, no matter how much DJI tells you that their drones are invincible!But the chance of one of those dreaded flyaways is always there and we need to be prepared ahead of time by using a drone tracker, or a drone tracker app. Do you want to take that kind of risk with your thousand dollar investment, without first reading our best drone tracker reviews?It is a user-friendly, low-cost and accurate way to locate your drone at all times. This tracking system will find your UAV up to 2 miles away and locate it within inches.Battery life is amazing thanks to the point-to-point technology that requires no cellular services and works on RF technology.The tracking system is small and light at a mere 46g including the casing and battery.

This means it can be installed without any negative effect on the drone.

This also means it’s another battery you have to keep charged up constantly to be ready for whenever you want to fly. Tracking your drone has never been easier or this inexpensive.

However, aside from that the Trackimo GPS tracker is a high quality product that is definitely going to pay for itself if you ever have a lost drone! The Marco Polo UAVfind is an accurate reliable system.

Within a close range, you can track your drone or UAV down to a few inches.

The benefits of this Tracking-UAVfind-System are: Ultra-light – only 46g 2 Mile radius Up to 30 days battery racks location within inches One button tracking No ongoing costs or subscriptions Drawbacks: Will not take you to last FPV location like other systems The location and bearing is sent directly to your display.

That’s right; it is totally independent of any other service or technology.