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No one has done a study that shows how many other men are prevented from engaging in dangerous behaviour through watching bareback videos.

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Four of those who took part were diagnosed as HIV positive soon after.In the UK an anti-barebacking campaign is being launched.The BBC: In Britain the campaign against bareback is being lead by a director called Steven Brewer.Were they completely abstinent for six months before and after? *shudder* Dan, would you address sometime how you would feel about computer generated child porn, that does not hurt any children?I know a lot of people still think its very bad and I'm curious as to your opinion. The child pornography one makes me uncomfortable because I thought it was illegal because it was showing a crime being committed.But it is Tikkum Olam to fight for righteous justice in this world.

Dan Savage has consistently come out against many forms of gay decadence the mainstream media was too afraid to touch.

Consumers of bareback porn argue that these actors are adults, and they’re aware of the risks they’re running, and so consumers of bareback porn are not quite as culpable as consumers of kiddie porn. But many of the actors in bareback porn are very young, very naive, and very vulnerable, and the demand for bareback porn is doing real harm to real people.

As this BBC report makes clear: Three films have been withdrawn from sale following a Newsnight investigation into the health risks of so-called bareback gay porn—which shows men have unprotected sex….

Someone that consumes bareback porn is creating more demand for bareback porn which leads to more bareback porn being produced.

And you can’t create bareback porn without putting porn actors at risk of HIV infection.

The US company which released the film had refused appeals to stop selling the DVD until it was approached by Newsnight.