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Ouran highschool host club dating game

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In milliseconds, six heads have been lowered and no one is making eye contact with one another – not even Hikaru and Kaoru."Is any of you morons going to explain what you guys were arguing about? I huff cruelly and my brown eyes narrow on none other than Kyoya-Senpai.

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He is conflicted and his emotions are beginning to show themselves which is a rare occasion for him." Kaoru says with the Hitachiin signature smirk that means that they are up to no good.Kaoru and Hikaru move to being symmetrical once again with one of their hands on their hips making their bodies move inward on one another.I had a mathematics exam, a biology green frog dissection – where I had to do all the work since Kaoru was throwing up and Hikaru refused to leave his twin - and a conversational French assignment due, so I am extremely tired and this entire situation is just annoying me.Suddenly, I feel six pairs of eyes boring down on me as though they may have well have been red hot lasers.I look up to find that the other Host members appear sad.

For a moment, I'm extremely confused and then I remember that I had just spoken out loud to my deceased mother.

I huff exceedingly annoyed and entirely jumbled at his uninforming, unadorned response.

At my physical reaction, Kyoya-Senpai nodded softly in my direction and went on to reason with me.

Tamaki-Senpai is almost bursting with anger and is redder than his average skin tone.

Honestly, you could hold a tomato up to his face and not see any differences.

I roll my eyes, not at all in the mood to explain myself to them.