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See full summary » Jack Flange leaves the big city for a respite in Australia's Hawkesbury River region, where generations of oyster fishermen (and maybe one woman) have made a living, built histories, and piled up grievances.Jack finds a small-town mentality, with pluses and minuses. Oyster Farmer is a very enjoyable romantic comedy, one of the best I've seen for a while. The plot is entertaining, well thought out and moves at a rapid pace - I didn't detect any real lulls.

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Using your Oyster Travelcard for the first time will not activate your London Pass Over 66% of attractions included free in the London Pass are in Central London (zones 1 - 2) but the Oyster Travelcard is actually valid to use across all London, zones 1 – 9.The Oyster Card is not stamped with a start or expiry date which means you can start using your Oyster Card whenever you want and any remaining credit can be used during any future trips to London.Using your Oyster Travelcard for the first time won't activate your London Pass.The Oyster Card is the most flexible way of travelling around London as it covers your transport needs with one electronic ticket.It's simple and easy to use, and is activated upon entry at a ticket barrier located in the stations. (Florida Oceanographic Oyster Restoration) program actively engages the public in restoring oyster reef habitat. These efforts help restore important oyster habitat, leading to long-term and significant improvements to the health of our waterways.

The shells are quarantined and then bagged by staff and volunteers and deployed to create new oyster-shell reefs in the Indian River Lagoon and St. Their progress is monitored using cutting-edge acoustic technology.

To date, Florida Oceanographic Society has restored nearly 60,000 square feet of oyster reefs in the St. This was made possible by the help of over 2,400 volunteers and over 6,000 volunteer hours. Local citizens in Martin County have volunteers to grow oysters off their docks which are eventually planted at historic reef sites in the St. To date, over 800,000 oysters have been restored to the St.

ach year, on the last weekend of September, Galway City celebrates the Galway International Oyster & Seafood Festival, the most internationally recognised Irish festival after St Patrick’s Day and the world’s longest running Oyster Festival.

All you need to do is tap in on the circular yellow card reader, and then tap out again when you have finished your journey.

If you’re travelling by bus, all you need to do is to tap in once on the yellow card reader when you board the bus.

Weekly shell collections from local partner restaurants generate nearly 2.5 tons of oyster shell per month.