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Pansexual dating

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This doesn't make anyone else ''bad' - absolutely not, because like I said 2 years ago, some people aren't attracted to certain genders (if any) and that's okay.also I think pansexual can be a way of stating you understand and still be attracted to people who would not class themselves as male or female.

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Pansexual definition basically is likes males and females (including transgender, genderqueer, ect.) Bisexual definition is males and females.There are also bisexuals that would disagree with your statements (clearly shown above) about being attracted to transgenders- it's not discrimination or anything of that matter, some people just truly can't find themselves attracted to certain people.Remember the term "gender-blind." From my personal perspective of being pansexual, it isn't to "label myself as a cooler form of bisexuality", it's where you mostly focus on personality alone.People are not pansexual because it's "mainstream". They are attracted to what they are attracted to an they cannot help that. I thought they were the same at first when I didn't really know much about either.But now I know for a fact, they are not the same thing and pansexuality does exist. I'm bisexual and I'm not comfortable with the idea of dating a transexual person. Some use it to mean "at the poles", as in attracted to the most definitely masculine and feminine but nothing in between, while others use it to meant "at the poles and everything in between". I have really bad grammar and stuff so I'm sorry if this isn't a good answer.Pansexual people are attracted to more than two genders, while bisexuals are only attracted to two, hence the 'bi' part. There are differences between bisexuality and pansexuality, and I think it's a tad unfair to say "it doesn't exist." As someone who finds herself to be pansexual, you offend me.

While I understand what you're getting at with transgenders truly being what gender they feel they are, there are differences beyond that that separate bisexuality from pansexuality- pansexuality is when you're gender-blind, and you don't limit yourself within a certain gender binary.

I've never met a real (as in, not 12 year old girl trying to be cool) bisexual who wouldn't be attracted to a person if they knew they were transgendered.

Also, bisexuals are attracted to genderqueer people.

Basically, I think pansexuality is just a way of saying "I'm bisexual but I'm too hip to call myself bisexual because it's too mainstream" because on another site I use it seems everyone is supposedly "pansexual" Opinions? If I loved him it wouldn't matter at all so please don't treat transgendered people differently!

I have a transwoman friend and she gets made fun of a lot for apparently being not a "girl" and it hurts me a lot to see how sad she feels about that sometimes.) i do not agree.

I have trans friends but I would be a bit uncomfortable dating them. For those who make a distinction between the two, the latter is called "pansexuality". I think the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality is that if you're pansexual you are supposedly not conscious about the gender of the person while a bisexual is more limited. You see, the problem with what you said is that you basically said that there are only three gender identities: cis female, cis male, and trans. while there ARE cis girls, cis guys, and trans girls and trans guys, you need to understand that some trans folk identify as binary and some identify as nonbinary. Nongender, demigirl, demiboy, androgynous are just a few of them.