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Patti stanger gay dating advice

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Kristinia fuels shocking rumors while Boogie is tempted by his demons.

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Mary Mary embarks on their Fall Tour, but Tina refuses to be pushed by Mitch, Goo decides to move to Atlanta to be with boyfriend, Justin, and a rift caused by Erica's solo venture threatens the future of Mary Mary.Jealousy and infidelity run rampant when the couples are forced to watch their partners flirt at a singles mixer. With their relationships on life support, the couples stare death in the face when forced to pull the plug on their partners. Boogie gets kicked out when he comes clean to Dame.Mehgan goes ballistic when De Andre crosses the line; Amina finds comfort in a stranger! Erica's vocal issues threaten a Mary Mary performance in Manchester. A brutally honest letter to widowed single mother Juelia comes back to haunt JJ. Boogie hustles to pay for lawyer fees and the heirs clash over toxic rumors.Mary Mary is back on the road for an important radio show appearance and huge concert in front of the likes of Oprah in Dallas, but will tensions between the girls and their manager, Mitch, take center stage? Before her concert in Orlando, Tamar worries her voice will give out, and scrambles to find time to learn two dances for Dancing with the Stars.Tamar pushes herself too far and ends up in the hospital! Romeo brings a sexy super model to a photoshoot and Angela gets jealous!

Things backfire when Tee Tee confesses to Kristinia for spreading rumors; verbal blows are thrown.

Erica's vocal injury threatens her performance at Essence.

Teddy reveals more about his infidelity to Warryn, threatening Tina's marriage.

Reality TV's most explosive couples rock Boot Camp including a Teen Mom and a powder keg duo from Shahs of Sunset. A divorce bombshell and a surprise guest shocks all! Erica's vocal issues threaten a Mary Mary performance in Manchester. Erica and Tina both go after their solo projects full force, but Tina has an epic meltdown moments before her big solo show - only Teddy can help because Erica is on tour. Tina's confession on the radio about Teddy's infidelities leaves Erica panicked that her sister is hurting the Mary Mary brand.

Tina's mess-up costs Warryn money, and Erica nearly collapses from exhaustion.

Mary Mary's dream comes true as they become the first gospel group to perform on the main stage at the Essence Festival, but at nine months pregnant, Tina's constant bickering may end it all on a sour note.