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I can tell you that is was a noun and that the word was the name of city between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. I wanted to double check it, because the author that used the word did not specify on his use of 'Tatar'. You always say things to me that hurt my feelings and I still treat you kindly and still give you my love.He does not say whether it's Mongolian or Turkic, but he plays around with those terms. You never think of how you are making me feel or how you are hurting me by the way you act. If you really loved me then you would show me and not just say the words when you want something! I am going to think about me and do what makes me happy and if you want to be a part of that then that's fine, but the second you make me feel less than 100%, I will not say a word to you but you will never have the chance to do it again because that will be the end!

Anyway, could you then perhaps help me with yet another sentence? I only just today stumbled across the English and Chinese terms for it in Taipei. — hippietrail (talk) , 1 February 2014 (UTC) do you like hospital food आप सभी समस्याओं अब आप पीछे हैं एहसास होगा कि, और जल्द ही वापस सामान्य करने के लिए सड़क खोल दिया जाएगा.Es elección tuya, pero no voy a rogarte que estés en mi vida, ni que jamás yo compre tu amor.He terminado sintiendo que soy la persona de que puedes depender sólo cuando NADIE MÁS TIENE TIEMPO PARA TI.It’s too personal, so we use stomach as a euphemism for it.—Stephen Could someone tell me what the following actually means? It is the name of a Mogol emperor, but it had also something to do with a royal title (of a prince) in the Ottoman empire.Then I think "disinfecting hand washing liquid" - that looks best on the fact of it.

But also "disposable hand washing liquid" makes sense as it's probably the kind of small bottle you can carry around as I believe is usual for "hand sanitizer". Maybe people use the short version and everybody knows what it means??

You can treat me right or be a man and be honest and let me go!

No sé por qué te comportas como si te hubiera tratado mal cuando siempre estoy tratando de hacerte feliz.

Siempre dices cosas a mí que me hieren, pero todavía te trato con amabilidad y aún te doy mi amor.

Nunca piensas en lo que me haces sentir o sobre cómo me estás haciendo daño por la forma de actuar. Si realmente me amaras, se me demostrarías a mí y no sólo dirías las palabras cuando quieres algo. Voy a empezar a pensar en mí misma y haré lo que me hace feliz, y si quieres ser parte de eso, entonces eso está bien, pero el momento en que me haces sentir inferior al 100%, no voy a decir ni una palabra para ti, pero nunca tendrás la oportunidad de hacerlo de nuevo, ¡ya que será el final!

Puedes tratarme bien o ser un hombre y ser honesto y ¡dejar que me vaya! Usually we would say: "I’ll come if my stomach improves" or "I’ll come if my stomach gets better".