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Polycom 330 updating initial configuration

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Point your web browser to the address, click on the Free PBX Administration link, and log in with the user . Now for security purposes we need to change the admin user’s password.This will also prevent you from being locked out after we upgrade Free PBX, since for some reason the freepbx user becomes inaccessible after the upgrade.

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For now we will assume DHCP and just let it time out or exit to proceed.The first step is to download the ISO image from here.Choose 32 bit or 64 bit depending on the hardware your installing on. You should then see the following screen: Type 1 and press Enter to install Asterisk 1.6 with the Free PBX gui.Click on PBX End Point Manager and choose “Download and Install” then click on process.Apply the configuration changes and reload Asterisk.Click next, then click Yes when it asks: “Are sure you want to do this”.

Choose your region and click next: Then set the root password, click next and wait for the installation to complete.

Once the installer completes press Reboot and remove the CD from the drive.

When the machine comes back up you will be presented with the Setup Agent menu.

Click on admin then change the password in the password box and hit Submit Changes.

Notice the orange button that now appears on top of the page. There are a few steps to this and they must be performed in the correct order.

To upgrade Free PBX select Module Admin from the Setup menu.